31 March 2008

Tagged :(

Normally not a tag person, have done only for Karthik and Asha. Yes, when special people do tag, I make exceptions. :)

Some of the questions, I just leave blank.

  1. Last movie I saw in a theatre
    The Bucket List - simple decent movie.

  2. What book(s) am I reading?
    Hmm.. a) The Selfish Gene b) MOMO 3)Pathmarajan Kadhakal
    (Wow, three languages! - I surprise/impress myself)

  3. Favorite board game
    Chess - haven't played against anyone in a long time. And the computer seems to be much better than me - most of the times.

  4. Favorite magazine
    Right now, TIME and Linux Journal. These are the ones I subscribe. Sometimes, not able to finish all of it though. Very soon I'll ditch TIME and move to Economist, and ditch LJ and move to Popular Mechanics.

  5. Favorite Smells
    The fresh smell of soil - after the first rain. And .... .. .. . :) [naughty naughty]

  6. Favorite sound
    Why don't you try taking a walk in the woods .. in the morning (6-7 AM) ?

  7. Worst feeling in the world
    Right now, being denied to explain myself. Even a murderer gets to explain things. What if someone concludes on stuff which you meant for good and went terribly wrong? And if you are not permitted to explain! ... Try this one, it's awesome :)

  8. First thing I think when I wake
    Cannot generalize. Lots of stuff. Can vary from romance, sex, plan for the day, emails, some math problem .. looking for the output of last night's program - anything. But the second thought is always the same - TEA!

  9. Favorite fast food place
    Chef master @ Chalakkudy.

  10. Future child's name
    She too has a say - and I'll discuss only with her.

  11. Complete: "If I had lot of money I'd...?"
    Travel a lot and lot and lot. Then, I will go to rural areas in India/Africa - will put my effort to bring development - but not as charity. I want some win-win situation everywhere.

  12. Do I drive fast?
    Very much. Was a dare devil driver. But now much matured - still very fast. But "Amma Certified Decent Driver".

  13. Do I sleep with a stuffed animal?
    Not till date.

  14. Storms -cool or scary?
    Storms don't really affect me. Well, if I am out, I prefer to stand against the wind. Last week it costed me my umbrella. :)
    Let me put it this way - storms are more on the cool side.

  15. What was my first car?
    Could I call it *MY* first car? Then a maruti-800. I don't have plans to buy a car in another 3 years. But then it could be at least an E-Class (if in India).

  16. Favorite drink

  17. Complete: "If I had the time I would..."
    Will finish things from my TODO list faster and add more items. I do not mean that I don't have enough time now. I am happy the way it is right now.

  18. Do you eat the stems of broccoli?
    Yes, I do. Say.. 2-3 times a month. :)

  19. If I could dye my hair any color, what would be my choice?
    The choice would be some transparent stuff, if you really insist me to dye. The way it is good enough.

  20. Name all the different cities/towns I have lived in.
    Thrissur(Nellayi), Madras, Hyderabad, Munich, Garching.

  21. Favorite sports to watch
  22. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you.
    She is probably more synesthetic than I am. And the level of it she is at - is really good. To an extent, her mind is an open book to me. :)

  23. What is under my bed?
    An old P4-machine, 1-2 keyboards, mouse, lots of wires. That's the only geek thing ;)

  24. Would I like to be born as myself again?
    Yes I do.

  25. Morning person or night owl?
    Damn flexible. All rounder. :)

  26. Over easy, or sunny side up?
  27. Favorite place to relax
    99% of the time, I am relaxed. When I do need to relax... I'd say somewhere in Englisher Garten, near the river. The steps from the temple, leading to the river at Nellayi would be really ideal.
    If to relax physically ... BED.

  28. Favorite pie
    Cut it before "e" and have pi=3.14 and e=2.71

  29. Favorite ice cream flavor
  30. Of all the people I tag this to, who's most likely to respond first?
    I was not planning to TAG anyone. But Priyakkutti could make use of this and then pass it over to many of friends and then start a chain reaction. [and create lot of junk text]
    As I plan to give it only to her... she should be the first person.
So, Priyakkutti... take it over and pass it over. I hereby declare that you are tagged. :)

Signing off, Sands.


Preetha Nair said...

Thanks for tagging and its really nice knowing a little like this...

but dude!!! " To an extent, her mind is an open book to me. :)"

such declarations are a little scary!!!!

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

To make it sound little less scary, let me say that it's open only till the preface. ;)

I have read only the title, copyright and the dedication pages! :) ... and ofcourse the back-cover :)

Did it make things less scary? ;)


sandeep said...

guess some of our answers r quite similar :)

and yeah ... u pipped me to ginishing this!!!

Hailstone said...

Oh.. I'm a late comer here. Had no internet access for the last 12 days (reason -- better known to BSNL).