4 May 2008

Beautiful...! Really... :)

This entry would be just a photo-entry -- a few pics I took in the afternoon.

1. Small is beautiful! pooo5

2. More flowers than leaves??pooo4

3. I forgot the name of these flowers -- but who needs their name to enjoy the beauty?pooo3

4. Some Tulips are always good to look at.. pooo2

5. Finally..... This is my favorite picture of the day! pooo1


Well, that's all for now. Had wanted to write something.. - time crunch again! :)

Signing off, Sands.



Hailstone said...

Superb photos, Chetta..

Anonymous said...

Nice pics.. :)


nirvana said...

nice pics... what happened, did you delete your newest entry ????? The book buisness one.. Saw it on my feed reader, but not there on your blog now ????


nirvana said...

And forgot to say.. Threre is too much of coincidence.. I was reading "Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman", when you said you were reading it in March, an now I just stared Shantram, when again you announce the same :).......


Asha said...

3. Gaensebluemchen und Loewenzahn..
Ich bin in der Mitte dieser ausgewachsen!
Hab' Heimweh! *sniff sniff* :(

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@Hailstone and Vivek
:) thanks :)

@Sumod alias Nirvana
Thanks dude.. The post is again up there.. :)

And how is it going with Linbhai?

Ja ja, ich weiß die Namen jetzt. Ich habe das rote Mädchen gefragt. Sie kennt einfach alles. :)

Und wenn du heimweh bist, komm hier einfach. Ich freue mich darauf. :)