10 May 2008

Slapstick Comedy...

He sat in the balcony, which opened to vast fields on all sides. A few cars sped through the road which cut the mustard field. No one could say where the horizon, where the fields and the moonlit sky merged, was. Cool breeze and instrumental-karnatic music added richness to the atmosphere. But he was multitasking - sitting in an easy chair, he was reading a novel which he had fallen in love with, while biting to the pieces of pizza from a plate in his lap... and as a topping.. he was sipping from a small glass of raw liquor after every few bites of pizza.

And that he is me. :)...

The Fallen Hero... :)That's a bliss my dear friends... really bliss. That too if you reached home as a dead man after a real long day of physical hard work; and then a long bath in warm tub. And especially if you had had a few decent falls on your back the previous day... which contributes to wonderful body pain. ;).. See the picture!

Well that's not the topic. Here is an excerpt from one of my conversations with a close friend of mine.

I: All the same, I have to warn you … I am changing as a person.. I am becoming more rough and tough than I ever was.. :)

My Friend: You don't have to register the change Sandeep... I can feel it or [am] rather seeing it :)

I don't know why or from where - I am getting this urge to crush (with arguments) those ones, who give me a little chance - by trying to justify a small stupid* thing they said. Is it a big deal to accept that you made a mistake? - come on dude, be a man or face me. [What an arrogance?]

And I am trying hard to control this urge. Yesterday, I started grueling this guy and he escaped as my train came. Today... I did control as it was my need to keep the situation really sane and peaceful... There were a few victims in the last week. I need to stop this - not because I am not enjoying it.. but others aren't enjoying it as much as I do. ;) The whole thing roots from some kind of aggressiveness and arrogance - but why/how/from-where?

Am I growing into Sanjay Sudheendran (IIT) - who is/was very good at crushing others just with double-edged-soft dialogues? Well.. I hope not. Even though I have always looked forward to becoming so. ;)

Anyway it's all different phases of life - Carpe Diem - that's the way to see it. It looks like I still have to go long before I start to mellow down.

Boring stuff follows...

The day had been wonderful. Two hours of work in the library - with quite a number of visitors, cataloguing a few books; Then a warm day (20 degrees) on which I took a long walk through the Englisher Garten - relaxing in the grass for a while. Talking with someone for long time.. telling things which I haven't told anyone. Saturdays should be like this - a day after the 5 working days. :)

Beauty :)Now I am off to bed my dear fellows! Good night.

Signing off, Sands.

*stupid : From my point of view. And I do accept that I was wrong if they simply give a decent reason to support. But not something like "I believe in God, because I believe in God" {Courtesy: Richard Dawkins}

PS: The title and the content have no relation! - well here it is. While coming home in the evening, the driver made a wrong turn and within 2 seconds he realized it and reversed the bus. Everyone started laughing hysterically - but I failed to see the joke. The words which occurred to me lie there in the title. :)

Photo Courtesy: Red Girl - my teacher for skating. :)


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

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Vimal said...

The person who argued with you had a perfect reason. Just that you did not understand it.

"I believe in god" is a complete statement in itself. Thats why its called "belief". Belief does not require validation.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

I am glad you said that... :)

Well, if I didn't understand them.. that IS bad. But I don't think so... :) [don't argue back - this is my belief ;) ]

Mostly, things were like - "I believe in God because I believe in God"

And as I said.. it was an example.. of trying to prove something with something which is again to be proved - it is not necessarily belief. (Kind of HURD, GNU abbreviations - never reaching the axioms)

And now, for what you said..

Yes, they must have said it the way you said that it is a belief and no reason is required. Well, apparently, they weren't as smart as you... and tried to justify everything..

Finally, if it is the case that I didnt understand, they can have the pleasure of having met an idiot who doesn't even understand simple things! :)

allae? :)


Wenda said...

Thanks for writing this.