31 August 2008

Another move...., and Nice people..!!!

I have a bad(?) habit of looking at myself as a fool even for small mistakes. There are some situations in which I don't know how exactly I am supposed to behave - when a person conveys someone's regards to me, I am almost always not sure - how to respond. :) - which happened yesterday! :(
[This could be rooting from my perfectionism]

Well, that's not the topic. I relocated yesterday. This was by far the most hectic, but pleasant move till date. My friend and her dad helped me out with it.

There are many people on this planet - who would help others out. But there aren't that many people - who would go out of their way to help others. This dad was such a person. A very nice person. After being with him for a day, I couldn't help comparing him with my own dad. Are all dads like this? -- so helpful?

I have always found it good to talk with elder people - there is always some gyan (knowledge) we get from them. It was no different yesterday. More than the gyan, it is their perspective which gives me different views on things.

After the packing, move and unpacking (75%), I have given today for rest. I haven't eaten anything since morning - which means, I should go eat now.

But before leaving, I have a question (below) for my readers.

I have had this problem a couple of times. When I eat out with my father, and a friend of mine, I would just leave the bill part to my dad. Neither I nor my dad would let my friend pay. But when I am eating out with a friend and his/her father, I am on the other side and I feel a little awkward if I don't pay for the group. I am contradicting myself with my actions - but I find both to be just fine.

I felt a little awkward yesterday! Then I later thought - it's a simple matter; Why do I fret a lot about that. :) Right? [connect again to perfectionism?]

This is a very simple thing. What would be the best thing to do?

So, I am starting to live in a new place - as a paying guest, with a German family. I am eagerly looking forward to the life here! and to the new experiences! :)

Signing off,

PS: The above mentioned friend would most probably read this! So, I better don't praise her much! ;) [Let's call this a double-bluff ;) ]


Anonymous said...

Another move!!! Cool..

But why no pics?


A Liberated Soul said...

'rooting from my perfectionism'....You should try your hands in serious writing. What say? :)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Haven't taken any picture of the new place. Didn't want to put a random picture of something..

So, it WAS noticed! :)

@Liberated Soul.

The comment makes me real glad! :)
Some day I will. [but I don't have enough imagination! :( ]
To show my happiness for the comment -- hugs!!!! :)