1 May 2009

Golden watch and Lost trust

After a long week, I found myself walking home a little earlier than usual. In fact, if my early start of the day at 7 in the morning were to be taken into consideration, 4:00 in the evening was not very early after all.

A friend, who had been distressed with something, had wanted to talk and accompanied me. (A word about him: He usually finds everything so distressing and complains a lot and I happen to be the listener all the time. Why should I take the trouble to do so? I don’t know. But perhaps out of sympathy. And he manages to irritate me almost always :( )

GoldenMetalWatch So, on the way, I saw something long shining lying on the road. The first thought was that it would be a small snake or something. But there aren’t any snakes here. Anyway I reached near and found that it was a golden wrist watch.

I picked it up – a ladies’ watch. I didn’t know what to do. Looking ahead, I saw a lady walking ~50 metres away from us. I just thought that it might be hers and we both decided to catch up with her.

Now, on the way I wondered – what if the watch wasn’t hers?! Then it would become my burden to find out the ‘lost and found’ place to give it. I said this aloud and then he told me –“Well, you could get it gift wrapped and present to someone”.

That comment took me by shock. I had better impressions about him. Or perhaps I had the idea that when we present something to someone, we do enjoy it as much as that person does. When I give a painting or a book or anything to someone, I do so because I have put efforts to get the best thing for them. I love the thing which I give – I am giving a piece of my love to them. Giving a gift couldn’t have been considered as ‘getting rid of something’.

I opened my mouth to yell at him, for I was already a bit irritated and had been suddenly angered. Grr… But all I said was this - “You… You don’t understand the whole concept of gifts… You will never” and continued the walk.

Fortunately, it was her watch; She thanked us.

The person who was with me accompanied me to the city as well. Even though it was not the best thing I could ask for, I didn’t think any bad of it as I knew he was upset and might like a company. In the city, while having a coffee, he opened his heart! ;)

About a girl he liked. He, who is doing his masters at the university has lied to her that he is WORKING in a company, to have a better image! Yes, he did confess to me. (By the way, girls, was that a good trick?)

I didn’t know what to say! Wanted to say that there is no wonder he is so unhappy in life. But well, I didn’t say.

If you can’t be honest to a person whom you like, how can you ever be honest?

Albus_Dumbledore Now, rewind a few months. He had openly lied to me about something. I caught him and he denied it outright. Giving him the benefit of doubt, I had forgiven him. I was trying to be “Albus Dumbledore” – who gave everyone a second chance.

Now with this open confession of lying to someone, I feel disgusted. I don’t know what to do. Without me and without his cousin to listen to all this whining, he’d feel secluded, alone in the world. And just out of pity, we both have been forgiving him – but now?

Being honest myself and having very very honest friends, I am getting too angry with loss of trust.

Signing off,

PS: I know that almost all the drivers say that they are above average drivers. How could that be possible? So don’t bring this to argue with me – when I say I am honest. Trust me or leave it. I don’t care.

PPS: To make things more interesting, he was so kind to let me know the racist person inside him (Looking down at dark coloured Srilankans and also by looking down at the ones who didn’t make it to the University.)  -- what all does this life has in store for one to learn!


Anonymous said...


I guess it is impossible for this guy to be happy ever.


Bindhu Unny said...

No wonder he's distressed about everything. kayyilirippu athalle :-)