3 May 2009

Treating myself with memories

Too frequent posts are perhaps not in the best interest of my readers. Still yesterday afternoon was just so good that I don’t have a choice but gloat! :)

Expecting a hectic week, Yesterday, I thought of treating myself a little. After a rather light forenoon, I decided to take stroll to the nearby lake (well, it used to be nearby when I had the bicycle. But on foot it takes about a good 30 minutes walk)

On the wayI carried my book (which is a huge volume of a well celebrated classic – I shall name it after a few days in my next post) with me. I tried reading it while walking – which was hard as my way was mostly through the fields and the nostalgic feeling got over me. I was looking from the field at the student house where I was living last year this time.

After a while I took of my sandals for the more enjoyable barefoot-walking. It reminded me of walking barefoot in the city, last year, with my friend after watching an Opera. :)

Getting closer to the lake, I took a pebble far from the lake, a pebble which would have never expected to visit the lake ever in its lifetime. Even though I usually sit by the side of the lake and throw many pebbles in to it, yesterday I threw only this very single pebble because I wanted it to feel special.

I am sure it would have felt special for being the chosen one to lie at the heart of the lake even though it was not near the lake. And it would always lie in the heart of the lake.

The Lake Sitting and lying by the side of the lake, I tried to read the book. I say “tried to read” because my mind was filled with memories that I found myself dreaming than reading. I read only 17 pages in one hour.

I was reflecting on the nice things happening to me. Sometimes I feel that I am perhaps a little too matured for my age. (Even though I feel the other way around – most of the time ;) )

Also, unusual to my style, I found myself folding the corners of many pages of this classic volume – the pages with wonderful quotes – the kind of quotes I’d want to read for someone. Some of those lines even capture my feelings better than I’d be able to express myself.

Then I walked back home in slightly cold weather and am getting prepared for my week for which I am expecting another terrific, wonderful weekend! :)

Have a good week ahead, Sands.


A Liberated Soul said...

That was a different type of writing altogether. Cool!

Bindhu Unny said...

A romantic setup
(except folding the pages of the book)