20 October 2009

Been there, Done that..

I am too young to say something like the title seriously. A long way to go…. But… I would invite your attention to last October.

garching morning frost 2009-10-20 001My research had, for some wonderful reason, got stuck. It appeared as a dead end. To add insult to injury, my funding was over too.

I seriously considered dropping out. Then… BANG…accident! Broken leg, damaged lungs, ICU, hospital, a month at home, partial mobility.

Cold winter, no income, bad health, bad-state-of-research. My house owner wanted me to move out (his relative came to stay).

Savings got over, debts GREW. Then hit the global financial crisis.

None of these was good to happen to anybody – but all those hit me more or less simultaneously.

As said in Malayalam, bad things came together. I didn’t complain, I said “Schaumamal” (let’s see) and started to face them. I wasn’t very cool about it though.

Health recovered 100%; crutches became unnecessary to walk; research opened new doors; funding was re-instated (better than earlier); debts were cleared; started saving; winter was over and the skies cleared.

Garching, flowers 012Situation improved. Research started showing the symptoms of reaching a shore. I passed the German exam; drivers’ licence; became a part-time translator for German-Malayalam; some friendships got solidified, it all started blossoming again.

In between, I was struck by one of the worst blows (personal).  Even though I faced everything above cool, this one rather shook me strong. A novel painful feeling. Even that phase is passing or rather over now.

Why all this now? The good and bad things during the past one year helped me to have a better outlook. I empathise more. This Friday marks the first anniversary of that accident, which I consider as a starting point.

Now you know, how am I able to take most things light and to see the positive side of everything.  Been there, done that helps :) That doesn’t mean I don’t attach seriousness to things.

Should I call for an accident anniversary celebration?
Deathday Party? :) nearly headless nick]

Bad things aren’t necessarily bad, they teach you a LOT.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Perhaps this post sounded too much of bragging. If it did, so be it. :)
PPS: Post dedicated to KBCL123.


Anonymous said...

That is quite inspiring..

And what is "KBCL123"?

The old accident bike from your childhood??


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Is there anything inspiring here?
I didn't have to do anything except waiting patiently...

And KBCL123... for the time being a secret!

How do you know about that old accident?

Anonymous said...

The spine to go ahead.. is what I meant inspiring.. :). And also we never saw any complaint posts!!

And about the accident; I read it from one of your blogs itself.. :)


Smita said...

I so totally agree with you!!! Whatever happens in our lives good or bad gives us a perspective!!!

It is onto us to see the positive side of everything and jeep moving :-)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Vivek: Thank you, thank you! :)

Smitha: :)
this is exactly what I said about hardships ;)

Bindhu Unny said...

Nice to know that you've emerged strong