15 October 2009

Snowing and the going Autumn

Garching, flowers 004It is snowing outside – very slightly though. The weather changed almost overnight. Even though it is cold everywhere, I am teeming with energy. (rest of the post is perhaps unrelated).

Whatever you do, don’t cut your hair, it looks lovely” – so said Ellen. My long pampered dream of long hair is becoming true. People are starting to notice that I have non-groomed curls. :)

It looks very nice” – so said D. But….. most of my Indian friends are dead against this. Why oh why!? (Because I look like a rowdy? or a crazy man? ;) )

Garching, flowers 013And my recent favourite thing is a black-hat. I love to wear that and my long black mantel together. Again – I am hearing very contradicting notes of appreciation. Someone said - “You have a cool hat”. A lady said - “It looks horrible”.

Surprisingly, I usually don’t see these external things about people. It would take a long time before I would notice that someone is wearing glasses. Or stuff like that. It surprises me that people see what I do.

Tell me, should I buy a long black umbrella? or a red one? My heart is with red, but a black one might suit my outfit better! (Since when am I concerned about outfit?)

BTW, yesterday, I reached/finished a very important work-related milestone. :) :) :)

Garching, flowers 029From the edge of the cornfield on my way to Uni.

Oh my dear ones, summer is gone and even fall seems to be losing her beauty. The pictures in the post are the ones I made today on my way to Uni. (Today was practically a judgement day for me, So I wanted to come to uni. very relaxed. Ah yes, good you asked. The judgement was good – better than what I had thought :) )

Garching, flowers 037
Some flowers on my way: Just for you! :)

Garching, flowers 042

Remember? I once told about the poles in front of the computer science building with powers of two? Today I finally took a picture of one of those. I hope you can see it clearly enough.

After many hectic days and judgement I am going to take a free evening. A trip to the city, a walk in slight snowing, a cup of hot chocolate, my favourite places in the city. And so on. In case I didn’t mention earlier, I am relocating in two weeks – yes AGAIN! :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Lips are cracking! :(


Smita said...

Snowing? Now!!! Where are you based???

Congrats for the getting the desired judgement :)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Hi Smita :-)

I am based in Munich, Germany.

And thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats... :)