8 October 2009

Link Story (alias Puranam)

Life revolves around links. One can even coin a phrase - "You are what you click".

We communicate with links. The sound "Remind me to send you that link" is heard very often. They take up lot of our time; some of them enlighten us, some of them distract us.

I am someone who cannot multitask. For the same reason, catching up with links takes up a chunk of my time. When I say hours, don't be surprised.

Today was a typical day and as usual I came across a set of links. Here I have a snapshot of the collection (a few of the nice ones). I am sure that you will find some funny; some informative and some waste of time.

The day started with a dictionary service - I wanted to find out the meaning of "Klitschnass". Then I caught up with some informative/thought-provoking blogs [eg. Gurukulam, Chinthyam (both Malayalam)]

By then my daily link delivery system beeped (email): a friend had sent me links. Perhaps she thought I am not happy enough in life - hence HowToBeHappy - 10 tips to be happy.

There was also a link to Nearly Headless Mike - a chicken story.

Obviously, I didn't disappoint her. I sent her the link about a mental disorder which I think I have - Dunning-Kruger-Effect. Well, I atleast know people who have it. I also sent her XKCD619 to retaliate for a flash-link.

Afterwards I went to count hits on my blog (which is good lately - strategies). But it was later I found out that HITS = How Idiots Track Success. :(

During a quick chat, I send RG a link to a handy plug-in for Vim - Pydiction.

Finally, I went to mark my attendance at StackOverFlow - programmers' site.

I don't bore you with the details of where I found out that my university is the 55th best in the planet (THES), nor with the regular links in my daily-breakfast-bookmark-folder or technical ones.

Now tell me, don't you understand why I say I don't have enough time? :p It does take time for a healthy and tasty diet.

Have a good day, fellows. I have to tame a Python which has been eating my head for the past few days.

Tail Piece: Recently, I had had encounters with two self-proclaimed multitaskers. The truth about multitasking is that it s*cks. Read MORE.

An excerpt: "We believe we can surf the web while talking to our kids/spouse/lover/co-worker. But we can't! (Not without a hit on every level--time, quality, and the ability to think deeply)" - thinking about the situation I faced that day, I smile now (reading the excerpt). :)

And people say that I am overconfident? ;)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: You aren't angry at me for too frequent posts, right? It happens usually either when my days are very productive or very nonproductive. Luckily, it is the former now.

Bonus: You are awarded a free pass to Bibliomania for reading till here.


Anonymous said...

HITS = How Idiots Track Success!?



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