7 October 2009

Can I borrow them for a lifetime?

Yesterday I was in one of the very famous, old restaurants in Munich. I have been there earlier too. Pope Benedict 16 used to go there when he was a student.atzinger-schellnegger-1232985479

It was a fun evening. :)

I was the only non-german in D's birthday party. Against me was a geek (Boreland C compiler team member) and by his side was a lady who wasn't very good at Mathematics.

Eg.: Average life expectancy in Germany is about 80. Since some people die at 20, there must be people living till 140 (average of 140 and 20 is 80). This was her doubt/argument.

The geek and I tried to explain – without success. All she agreed with was that I can do fast arithmetic. We laughed our ass off through the discussion.

She also gave a ‘great’ explanation - why less AIDS in Europe than in Africa?. The geek dared to call her dumb; I clarified her doubt and she was finally happy with it. I don't dare to get to the details for the fear of using adult literature terms.

This discussion wasn't lacking any fun either. With the right group, double meaning can be fun. :p

Mind you, the conversation was in German. Amazing right? That day has come when I sit with 8 Germans and have decent conversation in German. Integration has gotten a lot faster............

...............Last week, while helping a friend with relocation, MDR-NC40_001~02TH_-_MI was shown a set of never-used-headphones.

Can I borrow the headset for a lifetime?”. (Shameless me?*)

I have them now. Noise cancelling model (MDR NC40) from Sony. Amazing man, amazing. Someday, I will buy one.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: For some reason, I had to pull the last post.

*: Not that shameless, the story will be told later.


Arun said...

i'd recommend a sennheiser or the ultimate, a denon. Those are expensive but qualtiy has its price ;)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

You know when is my B'day right? ;)