22 December 2009

Painfully uncomfortable and uncomfortably painful.

The title captures my state of affairs at the moment. But that’s ok…. I already walked with that pain… you know? I walked.. W A L K E D…. without the steel reinforcement :) :)

I don’t like it when people do something to me without letting me know. I am not at all scared by any of these medical procedures. I am even curious to know how all these things work – hence I want to know what is being done.

After giving me the room yesterday, I was asked to strip.. until naked. The nurse went out, I stripped and lay myself inside the blanket. After a short wait, I was taken to the the surgery department where I was moved to a tall-stretcher. I could remember the last time I was there. It was cold and they gave me green warm blankets… yesterday too.

Afterwards, I was transferred to the room where I was asked about 10 questions last time. Yesterday there were only very few questions…

Do you know what is that I hate the most? Pasting that ECG thing without shaving the chest-hair. Grrrr… when they peel it off, the pain is unbearable if the hair wasn’t removed. And my chest is hairy enough.

She pasted the ECG thing, connected me to the computers, gave me a mask and said it was oxygen (Sauerstoff in German) and I started breathing it. At the same time something was entering my body through a needle....


Had I known that I was being slowly put to sleep, I could have keenly observed for the feelings… Missed a chance..

Anyway.. after a few hours I woke up and asked for steel rod first. I have carried it more time than a mom carries her child. :P … So I should ask for it just like a mom would for her baby… right?


(It is long… more than a foot for sure. (near the tip, I can see my flesh and blood still there…))

Once I was brought to the ward, I made calls to three or four people (mom incl.). The surprising thing is that I don’t even remember what I told them.

I should think that those calls were involuntary than deliberate. As if I was programmed to call the ones I care about (or the other way around). I just don’t remember what I spoke… amazing isn’t it?

I had lunch… which I could not recollect by any means except that it was tasty – another magic of sedative.. :)

Slept – woke up – slept – woke up…. by 5-6 in the evening my memory and brain really rebooted. By then the painkiller also had worn off. Oh boy, it was some pain. But that’s fine…

Without pain, I’d move a lot and the healing would be slow. But for the record: the pain is uncomfortable and the discomfort of not being able to move is painful.

A few words about the nurses (male/female): I am just wondering how can they be so sweet. Especially the physiotherapy nurses – the male nurse is so friendly and extreme funny… the female one is extremely sweet instead of funny.

So, that’s where I stay now. Looking forward to the visits this evening, to the planned xmas celebration, etc.

I already finished a book from the list from the previous post. :)

Signing off, Sands.


Smita said...

Good to know that u r safe and sound :)

Now recover fast!

Jothish said...

Did they let you keep the steel rod?

A Liberated Soul said...

Wats the operation about? Simply removing the previous rod and putting in new?

Anonymous said...

Get well soon.. :)


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


:) thanks


yes, they did.


:) just removing the old one..
no new one..
my leg is fine now.


Thanks :)

@ All
happy new year :)