2 December 2009

Silver Lining…

The sky was cloudy and the city was gloomy for the past two days. I was as usual happy and energetic though. When others said “it’s cold”, I said “pleasant”. Still, I wanted the sun.

When I woke up today, the sky was clear. The sun was not yet out. Of course, I volunteered to welcome him. :)

Sitting at the kitchen window (which faces east) and reading (while sipping my tea) has made my day already. As to what I was reading, you’ll know soon.

I sat there, I saw the contrasting dark sides of the buildings in the east and the bright sides of buildings in the west – illuminated by twilight.

Through the street rushed people to the railway station… starting their day. Moms brought their kids to the kindergarten on the other side of the street.  I’ve always liked to sit there (3rd floor) and observe those little people walking through the street.

My flatmate, came out from the shower with long curly wet hair and made her tea. A bit plump, she is quite well shaped, in fact, more than well shaped. She standing there and making her breakfast was another treat for my eyes. (I can go on explaining p )

You can imagine how much I would have read. p

By then, the tops of the west-buildings were starting to shine. Sunlight started falling through the gaps between east-buildings.

A few minutes gone and I saw the tip of the sun …. above a building; it quickly grew into a big fireball in the sky.

It casted a sharp shadow of me, which looked like a monster behind me, on the wall.

I got up from the chair, closed the book, put my cup in the sink, got back to my room. Now starts my busy day. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Looks like, today is going to be a sunny day. Of course, why would he hide behind the clouds when I have guided him to rise. :)


Jon said...

Hope you had a great day....

The climate down here is also turning out to be pleasant after some hot and humid days!!!!

You are lucky enough to kick off ur day after getting an eyeful of a gorgeous flatmate

Anonymous said...

Sometimes your blog makes me jealous .. :)

(for multiple reasons ;-) )


Smita said...


There was such a sweet poetic ring to this post!!!

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

@Jon :)
Welcome here :)

@Vivek... :)
Give me some of the reasons :P

Thanks... at least you felt it :)