8 December 2009

Zweiohrkücken (Two Eared Chick)

zweiohrkuekenIt is the title of a new German film. I like romantic comedies by default. I had been seeing the trailer of this film since ever and had wanted to watch it. (I like the heroine too).

It was a spontaneous impulsive decision to go for it tonight – asked Daniela and Johannes, both were more than willing to go. :)

I won’t bore you with the details of it even though it was a very decent film. I must have missed some of the jokes, but I still had enough to laugh.

Oh boy, after the film I had even better time. Last train had left. We walked through the sleeping city…. it was slightly drizzling… After Johannes left us, we kind of planned to walk all the 5-10 kms. But with the busy schedule for morning, we chose to hail a taxi.

After Daniela got down at her place, I had a small chat with the taxi driver (on my way home). A very nice German fellow. Who said there is racism? Of course there is discrimination based on language, but racism - I fail to see.

BTW, Whenever I go with my friends – film/restaurant/anything, I simply pay from my pocket without worrying about splitting the money. I take the option of splitting the expense if and only if it is really a big amount.

Earlier, some of my German friends had a problem with not splitting. Either I pay, or you pay – we don’t split (at least I don’t) : that’s what I say. Now they also seem to be accepting it. Come on, it is only a few Euros and I know that money is only as valuable as it is – not a knut (penny) more.

If I can happily spend my valuable time with you and speak out my thoughts to you, I can easily buy you that ticket/lunch etc. too. Asking about splitting would hurt me.

A lot to write about how happy I am off late. Just plain happy, energetic and excited… I myself keep wondering “Am I smoking something to be ‘high’ all the time?” :)

Well, dear people, I’ll go finish reading “French Lover” and then rewind the film in my head and S L E E P.


Have you experienced things which you could call neither dreams nor thoughts?I have, I have them almost every morning lately.

Schatz...Being a _very_ sound sleeper, real dreams are unusual to me as I don’t remember any. But, recently (during the past 3 months) I dream about the same person every morning… In the early hours of morning, she exists in the dream-thought-mixture… Earlier it was painful, now she is a sweet-habit of mine. :)

After watching Zweiohrküken, I wait for tomorrow’s early morning hours.

Signing off, Sands.

Hot Hot HotPS: In the supermarket, my mouth watered at the sight of chillies. I bought a bottle of them just to eat/chew like that. (unfortunately, they aren’t as spicy as I wanted them to be) :(


Jon said...

I have watched two German films- Agnes' brothers and run lola run...
I loved them both

I believe that guy in 'The cool sun'(I recognized from ur pic) is there in 'Inglorious basterds'. So he is german ,huh?

Smita said...

I too love RomComs :)

As far as splitting the bill is concerned I too prefer paying the whole bill but if somebody insists am kind of ok with it. But yes as far as good frenz are concerned I don't even think of splitting it somehow gives a very business like feel to an meeting!!!

Dreaming about a girl haan?? :D

Anonymous said...

what is that you are smoking!!??

That is a good question and I also love to know the answer if any... :)

The thought-dream thing has occurred to me too.. I mean, I know how it feels like.. :)


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


There are nice German films.. I cannot claim to have seen many of them though.

Yeah, he was in Ing.Basterds. German actor/director/etc. A german Balachandramenon. :)


I think it is the Indian thing to say "I'll pay" and really pay. When with friends we even shamelessly ask another one to pay as well.

As you said, it is that "business feel" I don't like.


:) I am not smoking anything at all.. :)

Regarding the dreams.. I understand... Do you think I know the girl...? :)

Vivek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Well... I mixed it up.. :P

I thought you were talking abt 'the girl'!! :P


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

I was asking whether I know the girl who came to your dream/thought? :)

Anonymous said...

LOL.. I completely messed up!!

In that case, the first comment (the deleted one, i guess you saw it) is what i said. :)


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Anonymous said...

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