28 December 2009

“Me Time” and Christmas Presents

:)After about 5 weeks of quite busy schedule, I am grounded at home – that too all the dear souls are away: Berlin/Cologne/Poland/Egypt/India.

After getting back from the hospital, except for the Christmas day, I had total “me time”. (Thursday was the best – for I was not alone, but I could be totally myself ).

I had/have time to reflect, to philosophise, and also to have some entertainment.

You know what? We all are afraid of uncertainty. The thought “what will happen?” simply eats up our mind. We end up doing stupid things to escape from this uncertainty. We want control over time and things – even the bad things happen to us should happen at the time we choose to.

Funnily enough, as we fear uncertainty, we are afraid of certainty too. We are so scared to commit, for we want to keep all the doors open. Even while believing in ‘Nine doors open when one closes’, I think that sometimes it is stupid to let the one-door close and look for the other nine.

Many a time you realise, much later, the value of what you let go… but the damage would have been done by then. Choosing a profession/job, committing to a partner, etc. fall into this category. If you know Malayalam, you may read it here in my Malayalam blog (some of my stupidities :P ).

Anyway as I said, I am enjoying my time. I finished 3+ seasons of the well celebrated quiz programme “QI”. Amazing stuff.

Speaking of time, did you see that watch in the beginning of the post?

That is a gift I received for Christmas. Isn’t it lovely? Even when I have doubted about the lack of practicality of pocket-watches, I’ve always wanted such things. Hmm.. I am all for ‘finer things’ in life. :)

As usual, I bought gifts for myself. Global warming advocates may bark at me, but I do get the books gift-wrapped when I buy.


Stephen Fry ; Twilight

Being attracted by Stephen Fry, a book from him and the first one of the Twilight saga – to know what it is.

So my dear friends, I wish you all a happy new year.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Health recovered 90%.. I can walk without any external help.

PPS: A smile for you for reading till here. :)

PPPS: There is a packet waiting for me in the post office. I think it is a gift too.


Jothish said...

Good to know that you are recovering well. Any way here's wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and an advance Happy New Year.

Jupiter Family said...

Happy New Year !!!

2010 New Year's Fireworks show


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year..

BTW, the watch looks really cool..!!


Jon said...

The watch looks awesome. Many great people like Gandhiji used pocket watches. So soon we will be seeing a 'Mahathma' here I hope.

Happy new year

Smita said...

WIsh you very happy nd bright new year :)

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Thanks a lot

The last anony... who are you? I'm curious.