24 July 2010

Earn it mates... Respect I mean [4]

If you want to be treated well/respected, then first learn/start to behave well and respectable!

I have been using my motorbike quite often lately and riding is great, fun, lovely etc. But other bikers irritate me a lot.

Bikers want to be treated like cars, to have that much parking space, but they just don't behave well. When there is a traffic jam, they take all those small narrow paths and get to the front of the jam and get their way.

Having a motorbike is not the licence to go beyond the speed limits; it is not the licence to overtake where you aren't permitted to. But they all do.

How do you then expected to be treated well by other motorists? And we, the ones who actually follow the rules have to share the bad-image you create.

No offense to youngsters, but they seem to do it the most - and they wear the least amount of protective wear. God only can save them - meaning, they cannot be saved! :P

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Tomorrow, we'll read about Indian-Supremacy-Theory!

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