19 July 2010

New Moon – yes, Twilight:2

Warning: I am seriously considering about a month of daily posts. (All will be small and short (hence sweet and beautiful too)). Not decided yet. All it would take is getting up early, publishing a post, and starting the day. Are my readers with me? Ready to endure?

After coming back from home, I started reading “Accidental Mind” – concerning brain-theory/neuroscience – mainly because I wanted to know more about what happened to my dad’s brain.

But I figured soon that it was not the best book to read at that time. If you read non-fiction and have tears because you relate those theories to your life/near-n-dear, then it is time to put that book down and pick some light-weight reading. Mind needs time to heal.

Without reading/finishing even a book in 3 weeks, I was also starting to feel bad that I am not doing anything useful in life.

So, what could have been lighter/better than vampire stories? :)

So, after a loooooong time, I finished a book – New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Don’t give me that look – I know, it is teenage stuff. But I wanted to know what is this big drama about “Edward Cullen” – vampire. (Had read the first book in the series a few months ago – and found it ok.)

I think the book is Ok, even though I fail to see the reason for such a hype. Girls are screaming with joy on hearing the name “Cullen”; but, to my eyes, he never looked like a decent hero. Never mind, next time someone talks to me about twilight, I can speak authoritatively.

For one thing, I like to have the privilege of saying – “I know what I am speaking of, I have read that”.

For another thing, it wasn’t too bad a book.

Anyway, just thinking – whether I should take the next one in the series? Or take a break.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Mind teeming with thoughts…. will have to sit and structure them.

PPS: A little thanks to RG for Twilight introduction. :)


Anonymous said...

30+ posts in 30 days!! Cool..

Lets see if you can do that.. :)


Jon said...

I hate twilight...big time
altho my sis likes it

Daily posts r good..but make sure the quality is nt compromised

Anonymous said...

All it would take is getting up early, reading a post, and starting the day. :)

- Anony

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


I know it would be hard ...


It's not that I love twilight.. I want(ed) to know.

and will put effort to make sure that the quality is not compromised..