22 July 2010

Mission Accomplished.. [3]

So, in such a big university like Technical University Munich, students came asking for my course, and we offered it, I did the course and finally conducted the exams – ALL on my own. And I feel really great.

When I look around and see the opportunities my colleagues/friends had, in Raincomparison with me, it feels even more great!

All what remains now is evaluation and I’ll do it tomorrow, and that will be the end of this semester work! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!! 

And, it rained today - heavily. When it did, I went out in the rain – after quite a long time. There is nothing which is as good as walking out when it is pouring cats and dogs!

Hmm, this daily blog for a month is going to be a little hard! Let me see! :)

Signing off, Sands.


Hailstone said...

Daily template maatalum oru maasam neendu nikkuo, chetta?

Anonymous said...

Congrats.. :)


Anonymous said...