24 May 2006

Results of discontinuation of medication

Suffering from the usual post-lunch-syndrome, commonly known as "being sleepy". The medicine I usually take is going to the library, find out the silent corner and have a nap. Planning not to continue with that medication. Browsing or thinking something weird is better than sleeping in the library.

Browsing Results:
  1. Found out the details of expenses for the conference at Berlin. One week at Berlin at the end of July. I hope - the amount I asked would be sanctioned by GK (for my travel, accommodation and registration for the symposium)
  2. Downloaded Office 12 beta. Why should I? I had tried that already at Microsoft. "Sexy" software - I would say.
  3. Was shocked to know that they are taking away the admin privileges from developers (at Microsoft) - Am almost sure... It wont work. For eg., in MBOS (aka Dynamics), without admin how can one restart IIS? And with the servers I dont have any clue - how things would work without admin rights. Anyway their headache.

Thought Result: Decided to take up three small projects. All of them are of same category. The idea is to solve every question in the exercise of some books and definitely to publish them. Would be nice I suppose, also very helpful. Following are the books.

  1. The "C" programming language - K&R (am forgetting C)
  2. Introduction to Algorithms (aka CLR, Cormen, Rivest etc.)
  3. A book on algebra, mostly "Abstract Algebra" by Herstein

So, now I shall get back to work/reading. Wrote about these projects in public so that I have to save my face and hence I will really put efforts to do the ones I listed.

So that's it. So long...

- sands.


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