24 January 2008

Improving your language

Four years are gone since I started having conversations in English. It's almost the same since I started reading English books too. My command over the language has improved by leaps and bounds.

All through this time I used to compare my language skills with others. A lot many of the Indians I've met have had terrible language - something like - "I didn't wanted to....". At the same time, many other Indians (especially girls from large cities) have wonderful language.

Otherwise, I have spoken with many Europeans (NON-British) - many of them simply rape and kill English.

For the same reasons as above, I should think that my improvement was mainly from reading. I must have read about 30-60 books altogether - that's all.

But, Now I am getting in touch with some English (yeah, I mean Englishmen). Every time I speak/e-speak with them, I get a new phrase or a style. Wonderful!

Off Topic: Is is possible to forget one language because you learned some other language?

Signing off, Sands.

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