21 January 2008

Scared about research?

About a month back, I had written about some new idea which struck me (regarding my research). Later I wrote that it was not as promising as it looked. Nevertheless, it was not very bad either.

Now I have found out something (from a 2004 publication) which could be used with what I had in mind. Again this looks very good. Now I need to sit and work out how good/bad it could be!

The earlier idea was not very bad as such - just that it would have needed a couple of Terabytes of primary memory and a couple of months to finish the calculation!

If I can incorporate this newly read technique too, then there could be a reduction. I should first discuss with professor before I start looking deeper.

A funny thing is that I am slightly scared that someone would come up with a better result (or even with my same idea) before I can tell something about this. I'll fall back to somewhere near square one -- can't imagine now.

Another worry is that "Am I doing OK? Or is it all some crap which I am building up?" - I am not able to believe that the problem is too difficult and too simple at the same side - The definition is very simple, the method to solve is too difficult. :)

Signing off, Sands.



Anonymous said...

"couple of Terabytes of primary memory and a couple of months to finish the calculation!"

Mind blowing..

All the best :)


Anonymous said...


All the best.


Anonymous said...

yeah I am trying to calculate something of the size of the order of (2^(160))