26 January 2008

Irritate me

There is some activity which I enjoy a lot - that is arguing/debating or whatever you call it. I personally think that I am really good at it. I think, Vimal will vouch for me! There are quite a number of my friends who know this.

I argue with passion. I will always bring up something to support me. I have done this even when I knew the other person was right. I know it very well that losing an argument need not always mean that you are wrong - many times it means that the person with whom you argued was doing his job well.

I love this - winning an argument even when you know well that you are wrong. I've done it quite a number of times.

Once the whole thing is over, I mostly go and confess that the whole thing I wanted was to prove my point - even though wrong.

So, that's what I am telling - I love arguments. There had been many times I have lost - priyakkutty and guru being the people who would have beaten me most in counts. Seeing your arguments getting crushed -- even that's a wonderful feeling. That's the opportunity to learn new methods.

I lose always when the argument becomes non-logical/emotional. Because I get irritated - to the core. At the same time I would be putting all my energy to bring the whole conversation back to the light of logic. But the opponent would be someone who doesn't believe in something called LOGIC! And I miserably fail to learn this - that you can never teach them. That's genetic (LINK HERE - Some people never learn).

This happened this evening and it took a long time for me to get normal.

Every time this happens I decide not to argue with such people anymore. Why don't I ever learn that they will never learn! (Is it I who have the genetic problem?)

On an unrelated note: I have started "Operation potbelly" - it's again time to fight!

Signing off, Sands.


Anonymous said...

But, the question is, how far can we apply
reductionism? Logic does have its limits - is it not?


Sandeep Sadanandan said...


I am not very knowledgeable about Reductionism - (just read a little in wiki - that's all I know - actually looks like common-sense)

Logic does have it's limitations - but for my small small arguments logic seems to be sufficient!

Still I'd love to look into reductionism (what a long word)

Anonymous said...

The wikipedia entry gives a lot of information about the term! You will definitely be interested in checking out more about systems science.

It may be because of the obsession with dividing-into-smaller-pieces and studying the individual parts that traditional maths has not been very useful in studying complex stuff like biology (or ecology or human behaviour) - the key here, according to some scientists, is to get the "holistic" view - the big picture.

In arguments also, sometimes "the big
picture" plays an important role!


Sandeep Sadanandan said...


heavy stuff. :)