7 January 2008

Negative Thinking (brag)

Negative thinking is a contagious disease. I have been talking to many fellow Munich-ers who need treatment for this illness. As Mitlesh said once, I believe that I have some little ability to share some of the positive energy I have.

There is only one little thing which affects me adversely -- that is the bad weather. And I think the reason is that I am a Malayali. Being one of those blessed population who always have wonderful weather - never too cold, never too hot. (sometimes a little too humid though). After having enjoyed such pleasant weather for years, when I don't see the sun for a couple of days, I get a little moody. From which I recover in no time too!

Otherwise, I am always very energetic and active. There are people here around me, who have worse situations. My life is neither a bed of roses. I have my fair share of problems too. But I find most of them to be tired, energy less - very often.

The best part is, I happen to be the one who they choose to speak  - when in need. Isn't it a privilege? Of course it is. I too like it to be helpful  - except when it takes too much of my time.

But at the end of day, there is only a one-liner which I want to tell you all "Life is a good teacher, if and only if you are a good student".

So, when life teaches some hard lessons, take it happily and see the good part of it. Is it that difficult? Try it out, you'd find it easy. If not, you are always welcome to N321.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Happens to be second post on a single day. I don't like to post so frequently, but have a reason.

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