22 August 2008

For Another Change

I just shamelessly copied the blog colors from some other blog.

I have anyway stored the old template. If this looks too un-readable, then I might switch back as soon as possible. I am starting to doubt about the readability already.

This is a background color which I have seen in one German blog (Daniela's Gedanken).

Please do opine.

Otherwise, it was an almost night out for me last night. But not surprisingly, I did finish lot of work in a single night (of course, that's why I put a night-outer right? )

Had wanted to write a lot. Really a lot. But too sleepy to do that. :)

Signing off, Sands.



Lynchen said...

after reading your comment i visited here right away
and yes, you had changed the design
it's a bit brighter, but maybe you should reduce the spectrum of colours
and go search for your own ;)
i feel you're more of a blue person and it should be lighter

asha said...

OMG!!wat a color combination..
i dont think i can read this for more than 5 minutes..
ur malayalam blog's look..it is very nice..

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


I myself couldn't stand the colors after a while...


Back to original


Back to original

ഗീതാഗീതികള്‍ said...

Going for variety is good enough.