29 August 2009

(First) Names with “L” and “Y”

Tell me, how many names do have the alphabet “L” in? Quite some I would say. But if one has about 7 friends here in Germany, (all girls, with whom he could openly speak more or less anything) and if 6 of them have “L” in their names, I would consider that a bit of coincidence.

And he recently met a long lost friend, refreshed the friendship – and surprise, she has two Ls in her name! :)

Now, the alphabet “Y” should be even rare. But 3 of the 7 girls have it in their names. Am I analysing too much? May be a sleep could do me good. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: The “he” in the story is yours truly himself.

PPS: Only two male friends; none have any “ell”. ;)

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