6 August 2009

Geek Partner

This is just an impulsive post. But definitely about some idea which I’ve been pampering for quite some time. And about being too frequent here: this happens to be MY blog and I decide things around here.

Let me claim that I would be counted as a geek. Or at least I am on the geeky side of the spectrum. A geek of CS/Math… and among those, I think I even have a good enough range of general reading as well.

I have received emails/links which say why a geek would be a good partner for you . That was just fun stuff… OTOH, they were not completely senseless.

I have always put thoughts into being a great partner myself. I kind of realise now that, yes, geeks definitely would make very good partners (of course they aren’t perfect).

Well, why would geeks make better partners? The simplest reason is that we think about finest details – closely. And we work to get those finest details finereligiously.

The major drawbacks are:

  1. We happen to mess it up (royally) when it comes to expressing/reading feelings, emotions and stuff like that. We are not used to doing so.
  2. We offer advice – tons of it. And guess what? We HATE being advised.

I don’t deny that these problems are of gravity. But hey, that’s mainly all about it and how it is. The rest is fine I guess – we usually tend to be understanding, caring. (perhaps too much of caring *evilgrin*)

Geeks ARE well informed about stuff. And anytime we mess up (human you know?), we try to improve on it. We are the ones who love to be efficient and better, the ones who are ready to put efforts to get things working (well).

A partnership is no different. A lot of hard work has to go there if things are to work fine.

You could say that it is like writing a device driver (or an OS itself) – you don’t get it working fine first. There are general principles – but you need to fine tune it if you are to achieve good results. There is going to be enough bugs in your plate, you work on it and debug them. Yes, we do it.

learning curveBeing the guys who learn Vi and Emacs (sometimes, just for the heck of it), No one would ever doubt our love to have things simple and smooth and efficient; No one would ever doubt our patience and tenacity. If you ever do, look at the learning curves of these things.

Trust me on this: the thoughts and efforts being put to each and every thing, every single person should hunt for a geek – as his/her SO.

It is funny the way and the time I reached this topic. Today, I witnessed (just now and it triggered the post) a big geek discussion about (geek) partnerships.

And the timing: Especially, presently, being in love, I have been putting thoughts to “how not to be a messy lover”. I did get loads of food for thought.

Life IS good.. (GREAT)… isn’t it?

Signing off, Sands.

UPDATE: After someone’s query, opening up the post for comments. I don’t know what I’d have to hear/read … after writing stuff like Vi/Emacs is simple! :) (Not to mention the other stuff)


Mozly said...

I Think that Geeks tend to fall in love with geeks because we see our own intrinsic values reflected within our partner. In other words sometimes Geekyness is a turn on ;).

Anonymous said...

That is a very nice entry.. :)

Adding to those points, a geek manage to make a hell lot of money (mostly) .. :)


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Yeah! :)



I kind of avoided that part deliberately.

- Make money.
- Are inherently smarter lot.
- Very useful in fixing stuff.
and so on.

Hiran said...

That graph for learning curves is awesome. lol.....:-)