21 August 2009

I : Not funny! :(

I and My SixpackWhy am I not able to write any humorous posts in English? I think, my Malayalam posts are funny enough, with a pinch of good humour. I am not a funny person as such, but I am not very boring either. I might blabber/repeat, but not very boring.

Perhaps I should try to write funny posts here. I might want to start with translating “I and my sixpack” (I still read and enjoy the humorist in me) or “Physics, dog and me” or “Gult-girls and gold-game”  from my other blog. Let me think seriously… (err.. funnily).

If I don’t try, who knows what a great loss it would be for English literature! ;)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Beware!! Fun coming soon … in the pipeline.


Anonymous said...

I too like those linked articles.. They are hilarious.

But translating!!
Avasanam English movie remade/dubbed in Malayalam, pole aakumo?? :-/


A Liberated Soul said...

Looking forward :)

Sakeeb said...

scary post!.

malayalam fonts are not rendered properly on mac :-(. the complex letters are rendered as two simple letters..

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