18 August 2009

Python and Parenting

I spoke with her some time ago… after a long time… She told me about her plan to leave her child with her/his parents and go back to UK. A 5 month old child.. poor thing to be away from own parents, I’d say.

Two days ago I had a conversation with Anair – about things varying from nano-technology to gossiping. One topic we talked about was parenting. People are not unaware of the importance of it, but they just don’t seem to put things into practice. children

Well, no one is perfect; no one can plan everything; parenting is no thing to experiment. But two normal decent intelligent parents would/should be able to help each other, in bringing up the child(ren) well. Help each other when the other one takes wrong measures etc.

Of course, I don’t want to be a parenting freak; I would not be. But I think it is very important to think about it. Remember? - “Failing to plan X is planning to fail X”.

I have a friend who had to stay away from his parents all through his childhood and unfortunately but predictably, it didn’t turn out really well.

At the same time I have a friend who had a stay-home dad and he has turned out to be mostly fine. :) [Cannot lie any further mate ;) ]

I had mentioned here a long time (18 months) ago about my stay-home-dad interests. Of course, if I participate in bringing a life to this world, wouldn’t I want to be participating in helping it grow just fine?   EVW_146C

Bed time stories (i have a huge collection of them in my mind); not being able to answer those “why” questions (look at this BBC article); teaching small little things (my old post) : would childhood (courtesy: RG) and parenthood be complete without these?

I find this as a matter of responsibility even though it might be laughed at as “wuss”-ness.

So where does python fit in here? It is funny though. A couple of weeks ago, I bought at Python programming book for kids. I didn’t read all of it. I did take some material from it and taught my students – 6th semester computer science students learning from kids’ programming book? :) 

It was not just for kids, any newbie could learn from it, although recommended for 8-14 year olds. I had wanted to write a review for it, then was too lazy.

In a world where people even think about including python in parenting (a bit too much right?), it is sad to see that parents would leave children away. Of course, I know that they are not doing it very happily.

Their circumstances are not the best. Still I feel sad…. feel sad for the small little girl. And that little girl happens to be my niece.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I have confusions about the timing of the post.  Never mind.

PPS: I should perhaps take a small break from blogging? 10 days?

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