31 August 2009

# for number; and an Angel.

murphys_law_posterHow many times have you done something with your best BESTESTEST of intentions and it went totally off the mark because you failed to account for the strength of Murphy? Well, not many times for me, but now yes. 

The problem is that when it happens, it backfires/bounces back with such a force that it shatters you top-to-bottom, completely as if you will never be able to recover from it. It causes physical pain to your heart! :(

Well, it doesn’t come without some positive sides. For starters, you at least know that you TRIED and I think that matters. Another thing is, you get another instance of “Been there, done that”.

So, the above happened to me and I am just simply shattered/devastated.  As they say, the play has to go on.


I had to be at the railway station (still am) in the morning. I am an extreme optimistic person who trusts every single soul, who believes in the good of people. Not many people have disappointed me. People are by default good.

But there are some people who have made me feel that I underestimated them.

So was the lady at the counter. She was simply an angel. Perhaps because I am in a bad shape, I perceived her to be extra good? I don’t think so. She was indeed a very sweet nice amazing person. There are many such people.

Fun: Kamalhasan is teaching someone “Hindi Kavitha” - “Jawani… diwani… … blah blah blah Satyam Shivam Sundaram” in my iPod. (What better thing can I look for in this tight corner of life  ;) ).

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Have you noticed that it is not so easy to type with cold fingers?

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