29 September 2009

MT.V, Films and Blues

Disclaimer: Follows the trend baby!

Blues: Oktoberfest is a feeling, it is a celebration of mind. Someone from Kerala would understand the importance of such festivals. Such crowds are so inevitable part of the culture and I love it. Oktoberfest 002

The first noticeable item from this year’s visits is that I was checked by the security. Of course, an Indian/Pakistani looking guy with non-groomed hair and a week’s beard has to be checked.

Oktoberfest has proven to me how good a sharp shooter I am. In the shooting stalls, I manage to hit 10+ of the targets in 12 tries. Of course a cowboy has to do it well, Right?

Had I been a caveman, I’d have managed to get enough food for my family alias “harem” ;).

Of course, there are small prizes* for sharp shooters. All the pictures show the fruits of my shooting skills. oktoberfest 007Some fruits are with friends who accompanied me.

snake, oktoberfest 003

A funny incident happened this year while waiting in the crowd at the entrance of the tent. I and D were waiting and a guy from Sweden was there too. He started chatting (flirting) with D.

Initially, I was not paying much attention to them since a lovely girl had taken me for a wall to lean back on. She being pretty pretty and since her neck smelt lovely, I didn’t want to push her away. Why spoil something we both enjoyed? ;)oktoberfest 005

So, this guy was chatting up D and I eavesdropped. The conversation had gone to 19th century European history and Nordic religions to a level that D just wanted to escape from there. As I chose to enjoy the girl’s leaning on me and D’s frustration, we waited for a couple of minutes before going off to a table.

Perhaps that was the moment he was looking for – he kissed D goodbye. Started with cheek-on-cheek, then slowly worked his way very close to lip-to-lip. D ran for her life and I laughed heartily. Saddism? ;)Oktoberfest 014

The Swedish guy was well educated – that was D’s only relief!

You know? D is my eldest friend and youngest one is C. D’s age is more than twice of C’s. Nice!

If I start to write, then there are so much to write about Oktoberfest. Owing to the fear of taking too much space and time, I get to the next topic: films.

Indian film industry (Hindi) seems to be making amazing films. It is a shame to Malayalam film industry that they have forgotten to make any good films. Is there any film nowadays which could be kept next to “Black”, “A Wednesday”, “Kaanchivaram” or “Satya”? Damn good films boy! Damn good!

The final section of the entry could be intensive. ;) MTV : M T Vasudevan Nair.

image053The intensity of tender feelings and the tenderness of intense feelings – who captures it in very few words better than MT. Vasudevannair? Off late, I am (re)-reading his books and oh boy…, it is pain, nostalgia, warmth, pleasure, sadness, melancholy and everything put together in a few words.

He describes situations which make us unable to know what to feel or we lose our ability to know what we are feeling. It is worth learning Malayalam just to read some of the literature.

If I happen to have two daughters, the second one might very well get the name Vinodhini. Or perhaps this could be the second name of the first one.

Signing off, Sands.

*: One would need a fortune to get the largest bear as Randy Pausch says in the last lecture. It is more money based, rather than skill.


Anonymous said...

"Passenger" and "Bhramaram" are good ones.

The experience of watching almost all the flop movies might have damaged my film sense drastically. But still with what remains I think they are good enough.. :)


Arun said...

'Of course, there are small prices* for sharp shooters...' - guess you meant prizes here ;)

i made a video yesterday of you blasting the targets. you could link it to the blog too.

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Shall see them sometime and shall try a review here :)


Yes man... corrected...
and yes, send me the link to the video. :) [i looooove to gloat]