17 November 2009

A day @ A Government Office

German bureaucracy is much more complex than almost anything I’ve ever seen. Even an Indian, who has seen red-tapes, will go crazy. Today I spend my entire day @ a government office.bus-queue

My lowest point: when I reached the counter after “standing” in the queue for one HOUR, I was told that they were closing the counter, and was instructed to come in the afternoon. I asked - “would I have any advantage for having stood here this long?”. She smiled and said NO.

Anyway, in the afternoon, I bypassed the queue and went straight to her. Fortunately, she remembered me and gave me the waiting number.

Oh yes, I was waiting in the queue to get a token which tells me how long more should I wait. Amazing… isn’t it?

After that, I could SIT and wait – just another 2.5 hours… oh yes, I could have watched a whole bollywood film (if only they had played it in the office).

I’ll spare you the details of the real complicated stuff. The details of waiting is enough for now.

gr-87 My high point: Finally, after the main business, I had to wait in front of another office (10 minutes until they put seal on my documents). There one could sit/stand/walk etc.. because they call your name. There I was walking in the hall and saw some beads on the floor.

I and three little kids (~5 years old) played with the beads.. hitting the beads against the wall, trying to catch the bouncing bead and etcetera and etcetera. After 7 hours at an office (and running around from one door to another), that was nice thing - for a change. :)

But I have to tell you, it is just the system which is flawed. The people with whom one has to deal are very good, very friendly and helpful. A bit less cheerful though… (that’s a German thing ;) ).

Anyway, now it is cooking time. I’ll go cook something (tasty) and gobble. :D

Sometime, I should write a post about the troubles a VERY hungry vegetarian has to face in my university.

A post about PLANT-torture in the university is in the pipeline too. When/Where do I have the time to write all these? And where do you have the time to read all the junk I write? But that’s not a reason to stop coming here… keep reading and give me comments.. :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: And all these happened to me not because I was not prompt at doing my things. This is what all those 100+ people went through in that office today. The Visa office is never the best, but it was never SO bad as today. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr…. Hrmpf….. Grrrrrr…! :)

PPS: Isn’t life sweet…?


Anonymous said...

Ennalum.. 7 hours!!!! Bhranthu pidichu kanum alle?


Bindhu Unny said...

In India, you'll have to deal with grumpy bureaucrats as well. :)

Smita said...

Aiyo!!! these people are giving serious competition to Indian Govt offices!!!

At least out here u don't have to stand in a queue to take your waiting no!!! Gosh!!!

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Oh yes, nalla vattu pidichu..


Very true... the ones who with the attitude - "what's your bleddy problem if we don't do our work"

Oh yes we have to... in India too.
Go to very busy hospitals, you'll have to wait to get the token.... right?

Anonymous said...

On the brighter side.. atleast there was a queue; unlike some places here in India :)