20 November 2009

In the middle World….

Disclaimer: In a hurry. Unpolished post.

So… what is this middle world? – Dubai. Almost every time I go through Dubai, I have a special post. Every time I fly, my mind goes to a special state which I cannot even start to explain. Perhaps it is the transition or the mind from one setup to another.

And Dubai is the middle world.

I am being pulled by both the different worlds – India and Germany. Two contrasting worlds…

Two days ago, I had a small argument with my mom about my long (not very long actually) hair. She hasn’t even seen how it looks… but she was sure that I don’t have to go home without having a haircut.

After the argument, I needed a few minutes to cool down and I went down to the main hall in the department building. I met an old student (winter 2008) of mine. The second or third sentence she told me was “I love the way your hair looks”.

You see the contrast? This is so silly a thing and that was the difference in the responses. There is another topic where the contrast is even worse – marriage.

My mom Vs Ewelina (on finding partner) – that comparison shows me how different these worlds think. Obviously, both are concerned about ME. My mom of course more concerned.

Before I board the flight, three highlights of the past week:

  • A whole film theatre and only two persons in there – I, and the girl with whom I went (Not a date). As someone said – all the most romantic situations occur when you are not in mood for a relationship, or when you are not with that person whom you want. :( .. I wished for another person! 
  • The dinner @ an Ethiopian restaurant with D. The very best kind of food and wonderful conversation. They had to finally kick us out to close the restaurant. :)
  • Every single time I go somewhere, I meet people I know. Today too: Mani was with me in the same flight – someone who is more than an acquaintance. My acquaintance circle IS big… :)

I once again failed to give words to the mixed feelings in my mind. As some closing quote, I’ll paste a long SMS I received last night.

Lieber Sandeep, es war ein sehr schöner Abend mit dir und ich freue mich auf den nächsten. Ich denke an deine Reise und an deine Mutter und ich glaube ich möchte sie gern kennenlernen... Mir geht so viel durch den Kopf über die Menschen, ihre Unterschiede und Gemeinsamkeiten. Und alles passiert auf demselben kleinen Planeten!! Wie deine hochverehrte Mutter, wünsch' ich mir, dass du zurückkommst! Du lebst im Moment in zwei Welten :) Alles Liebe, D

Dear Sandeep, [niceties]. I think about your trip and I would like to meet your mom. The thoughts about differences and commonness between people are going through my mind. All these happen in this small planet. As your mom wishes to have you back, I wish too for your coming back. At the moment, you’re living in two worlds…. With Love, D.

That sums it up my dear fellows.. I am living in two worlds. I am trying to make the best out of both the worlds, both the cultures. But as they say: no pains, no gains.

The next post – from India.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: No proof reading. Kindly forgive my mistakes.

PPS: The translation is not the best.


Anonymous said...

BAck home?? PhD kazhinjo??


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

ayyo illa..
ithu chummaa oru varavu...

Smita said...

Where In India :)

And that varying view about mrrg & hair style is understood!!! I guess this what we call Generation gap :)

& lol @ all the most romantic situations occur when you are not in mood for a relationship, or when you are not with that person whom you want So so true!!

ഗീത said...

Back in India?
Hair cut?
Now the world is a small place. You can't escape without bouncing into somebody you know.
But is that not nice?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


In Kerala :)
Hmm.. I won't just blame generation gap... It has perhaps nothing to do with age - even though there is a good correlation.

@Geetha Chechi..
Yes, here in Kerala...
Oh yes, meeting people is very nice :)

സതീര്‍ത്ഥ്യന്‍ / Satheerthyan said...

coming first time here... thanks to Geethechi for links... Way of presentation is cool... perhaps we might also have seen each other at some or other places... me too in Germany.. Ravensburg.. down South... near Bodensee(BW)... where you put up?