10 November 2009

Two States and Three Mistakes: Books

Big questions are confusing me lately. Questions about life/goals/career/etc. I wouldn’t go in depths about them here (at least here in this post).

The final thing I needed, to be officially-confused was Chetan Bhagat’s last book : Two states (the story of my marriage). And, no, the confusion was not about marriage. (clue: I want to eat “chaat”)

Two States (The story of my marriage)  [Author: Chetan Bhagat]

  • two states of my marriage; chetan bhagat 2009-11-10 001 I laughed out loud, in my room, and also in the train..
  • My eyes were a bit moist (only one single moment)
  • I was made to stop and think…

It was just a novel! I found myself folding the corners of many pages, which is not my thing. Some flaps had to be folded at both sides because the other side too had some gem in it.

Is it the very small bit of Tamil-Brahmin in me? Or the ex-IITian? Or just someone who knows the crazy-love? Or someone whose parents have similarities with the parents in the story? Or someone who knew the pain of such a break-up? Or is it because of a heart which misses Chennai?

Which of the above connected me with the story? I cannot say… a mixture of all these, probably. A story of meeting someone in the canteen/library, be friends and then fall in love etc. etc? – that sounded very familiar.. hmm… from my life?

A North Indian boy and South Indian girl falls in love, and the troubles they face and solve –  before their marriage becomes a reality – the theme is so simple.

But, the book very well exposes the racist view inside Indian society. We laugh at it because we know it IS true. It shows the divide between South/North India. It shows the perspective of a North Indian, about south India. I would give 90% marks for his observations and the remaining 10% is deducted because of over-stereotyping.

The first three fifth of the book was pure fun and fast.

Eg. Making fun of Tamil… :) [excerpt below]

…..First, the sign in every shop was in Tamil. The Tamil font resembles those optical illusion puzzles that give you a headache if you stare at them long enough….

The next one fifth gets a little serious.

Son, …..…… I have learnt you are involved with a girl in Chennai…... We should choose the girl for you, not you…


Forgiving doesn’t make the person who hurt you feel better, it makes you feel better. (The author stole these words from me, perhaps) ;)

It felt like he stole more than a little thought from me. After the break-up, when the hero went from Delhi to Chennai, just to meet her and when she refused to talk to him, I almost thought of suing the author for stealing from my life!

It was the Dad-Son part which moved me.

“My son needed help”… my father said……
“How did you know?”, I said.
His eyes met mine, he said, “Because I am your father……. …… ”

My dad has done something of the sort for me - when I was going through my lows, I don’t even know how he knew what I needed – that too when 5000 miles separated us.

I would recommend this book to any Indian. Quick and fun read. For another review – see what Smita says.

The Three Mistakes of My Life

If you are still reading… good :) [Bravo :) ]

After reading the above one, I realised that I had missed his third book. Guess what? it was available in German-amazon. I got it yesterday and finished it in two straight sittings. :)

But definitely not as good as the other one. For one thing, this was so predictable. Since it was not as great, I’d skip writing the review. :)

I am now back to Thursday Next’s third book. The main problem is that I fail to concentrate while reading it. I want to read this one, but the thoughts associated with this book… .. … …..

Anyway, that could be my next book.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: I ordered a book from amazon, all I paid was 1.35, where as the postal duty would have been 1.45. Can that be possible? How amazon does that?


Anonymous said...

Maybe because most of the things are very likely to happen in everyone's life!.. :)

And please write about the confusions (if doing PhD is anywhere in it) :)


Smita said...

Ah! I agree with you!!! States has something to offer to every reader and that's the magic of Chetan Bhagat. He comes out with something with which readers can relate.

As far as Three mistakes is concerned, it is one of the biggest mistakes of his life :D

Thanks for linking in my review :)

BTW You are tagged here

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...

Hi Vivek :)

It _is_ his way of writing... there will be thing you can always relate

confusions... shall do some day.. :)

Hi Smita :)

You tagged me??? I am not a tag-fan..
I might keep it for a few days.. and I don't have as many regular readers as you have to pass it on.. I'll be a dead end..

(One of these days I am going to spell "SmitHa" instead of "Smita"... : anticipatory bail ;) )