25 November 2009

Eventful / Festival Days… @ Kerala

After ~24 hours of sleeplessness (14-hour travel included), I landed in Kochi on Saturday morning. Within two hours after reaching home, I found myself driving to IJK. That was how I started with my little trips…. and there are still dozens of places to go to.

I should first tell you about IJK. Did I ever tell you that we are an acronym family? We have acronyms for the places (other stuff too) we often speak about: KDK, IJK, TCR, PKD, EKM etc are nearby cities which we have abbreviated.  Oh yes, IJK is IrinJalaKkuda. An outsider might find conversations at home cryptic.

There are some more ‘special characteristics’ at my home – for eg. we practically never ring the bell when we get back home, we identify ourselves with a specially tuned whistling. Or sometimes with a quote from a 2000 year old Indian legend/epic/story…. (story of Kalidasan).

veedu 2009-11-23 001And we hold LONG discussions too – about anything and everything – for hours and hours. The picture here shows where we four (mom, dad, sis, me) sit together. The chair on the right front corner is mine… I prefer to sit on the marble steps though (where I am sitting now) :)

So, back to the IJK trip. Don’t you guys know that Kerala is supposed to have this cultural harmony? On the way, there was a festival in a church – I had to go past the procession and I took some pictures. And obviously, I was asked to donate some money. (again obviously, I managed to slip out)

21112009014 21112009015

It is typical to decorate the stems of plantain (Banana plant) with colour papers and flags – as you see here. They have it in front of every single house…. – for a couple of kilometres.

21112009021            21112009022 21112009030            21112009031

And of course, there was sugarcane – something which I hadn’t seen like this in long times. All these together made me a bit nostalgic.

 21112009025 21112009029

Then on Monday, there was a festival at a (nearby, Hindu) temple. The main thing about this festival is that, people take tall decorated towers on their heads and rotate. I have some pictures of the towers here … Not many though..

shashti 2009-11-23 104 shashti 2009-11-23 001 shashti 2009-11-23 066shashti 2009-11-23 040 

As usual, I went there with my dad. I had some meeta-paan which gave me more memories than sweetness. Look at the meeta-pan guy with this collection of betel leaves. :)

shashti 2009-11-23 013 shashti 2009-11-23 012

There were many road-side shops selling snacks/toys/bangles/balloons/what-not.

shashti 2009-11-23 044 shashti 2009-11-23 045 shashti 2009-11-23 019 shashti 2009-11-23 020 

Empty, tender coconut shells, something left out after a long hot day. :)

shashti 2009-11-23 022

Ok guys, I am extreme damn  busy these days. I should have expected it during a short visit after a year’s absence. I am thoroughly enjoying it, even though my plan to sit at home and read/relax wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

veedu 2009-11-23 003So, I sit here and look out to the green universe around my home (picture shows what I see) before I start my day’s business. 

You all have a wonderful time too.. :)

I’ll go to the river and have a bath now…. Life can be a bliss – you know?

Signing off, Sands.

PS: The post is for my German friends who might never have seen these kind of things in life.

PPS: Song of the moment : “I swear to you, I’ll always be there for you” (Bryan Adams … I’ve not listened to it in long time)


Sakeeb said...

Oh .. you are in Kerala Now. Enjoy..
Like I read somewhere "Only thing everyone miss in aboard is the India."

Smita said...

Such lovely colorful snaps can come from India only!!

Enjoy your break :)

ഗീത said...

How colourful your post has become!

This is the 'KERALA POST'!

Sure your German friends are going to love Kerala.

Didn't taste the sugarcane juice?
It is a favourite of mine. They say it is unhygienic - but I never miss a chance to gulp it down.
Sugarcane juice crushed with a piece of ginger and lime! Ahaa.. mouth watering..

Enjoy your holidays. Coming to Tvpm?

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


:) Angane miss onnum cheyyunnilla


India IS very colourful.. one has to agree that... But every one might feel the same about their own country...

@Geetha Chechi..

Thank you chechi.. :)
Oh yes, I did have sugar-cane juice... (I did have sugar-cane as such too)... :)

TVPM :) :) I liked it... No chechi.. I am leaving in 3-4 days...