1 November 2009

Relocation, The baby I killed; and Anecdotes

Relocating is an act which I have become an expert of, in the past few years. In the last 20 months, I have relocated 4 times. More than a dozen times in the Pookkal 2009-10-30 020past 5-6 years.

I have become such an expert that, I woke up at 10 in the morning and before 9 in the evening, everything was packed and moved to the new place, the old place was cleaned and the room was white-washed as in the contract. :)

Missed my white-washing companion! :(

By the way, this relocation is going to cost me all the fun I have on my way to Uni. Now on, I’ll see only the dark/grey inside of underground tunnels instead of the things you see in the pics here! :(


Don’t be shocked when I say I killed my baby. You’ll know more if you have ever heard THIS Tamil song (go to 2 min 9 seconds). (if you don’t know Tamil, read on).

Two days ago, I woke up and decided to do it: shave my moustache - my constant companion for the past 5+ years - something which I had always pampered as if it were my baby. 2009-10-23 003(Spontaneous decisions are fun, aren’t they?)

Every math problem, every algorithm about which I thought about had taken a toll on those bristles (I pull them while thinking). 

I couldn’t recognize myself afterwards. Most people say I look better. Two of them even said that I look much younger now! (22 years old – apparently, that’s when I started growing it)

No photos for a couple of months!  :P


I played a small Mr. Holmes yesterday. I moved in, went to the kitchen and one of the apartment mates was there. I offered my hand and said “Hi, I am Sandeep”.

She hurried, took a towel, wiped her wet hands, shook my hand and said “Hi, I Pookkal 2009-10-30 014am J”.

I said, I am from India and after a small pause - “And you are from Bonn, Right?

She opened her mouth. Then closed.. then opened again. 

I said - “you are wondering, how I know that. I shall tell you later”. Then I went to my room. :P (Curiosity kills ;) )


He sat against me in the restaurant. For the first time, he opened his heart:

Sandeep, I am confused. I had told her that I will always be available for her. She is still unmarried, single – what shall  I do? Shall I go to her and talk?

Pookkal 2009-10-30 011Obviously, I didn’t know what to say. But it was strange to see a friend in the same boat. I was fearing that I will never get out of <you-know-what> :( . Stupid me?

Love is amazing right? It sometimes gives you this pain… still you love to love. Still you think/dream about that person obsessively. How long would it last? Who knows?

Ok guys, you get me in a weak moment. I’ll go get a cup of tea and enjoy a nice evening, and prepare myself for the hectic weak ahead.

All the same, I am having a lovely time of my life. I just am teeming with energy and excited ALL the time. Just lovely! :)

Signing off,
Yours truly,

PS: The pictures are copyrighted to me. Of course.


Smita said...

Ah!!! So u r re locating again!!!

As far as ur baby is concerned, it reminded me of my childhood. When my Dad used to shave off his mustache we used to take time to get used to new dad ;-)

And u r killing that lady with curiosity for sure :)

Be happy & have a cheerful week ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Relocating again! Are you doing research in relocation!! :P

The Sherlock Holmes thing was cool.. i can imagine the amusement in her face... :)

BTW, did it ever failed for you; I mean ever reached into wrong conclusions??


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


I still haven't gotten used to my new image (without my baby :( )

As to making the girl curious .... another apartment mate had told me about this girl..

You have a wonderful week too. BTW, this weekend, there'll be a book review from me.


PhD in relocation-science... doesn't sound too bad.. or does it?

That was fake holmes - another ap-mate had told me ;)

Well, nowadays I don't open my mouth, unless i am soooooooooo sure :) (failures were inevitable earlier though)

Bindhu Unny said...

No relocating blues! Enjoy! :)

Ashwathy said...

joy of university life.. all the time to wonder over little things... i envy u :-)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...




Welcome to the cool sun.