4 January 2010

Where should you have born?

How do I always get very nice apartment mates? Audrey, Osman, Ludmila, Redgirl, Hooman, and finally the Chinese girl – all of them are very nice. Especially when I consider the 3817790212_f691481fb8fact that I am not the cleanest person, I am indeed very lucky.

All the Xmas vacation, the Chinese girl was my company. Not that we spent a lot of time together, but did speak a lot. A very friendly, talented young girl – plays violin, flute and piano, sings well, paints very well, cooks terrific, very organised and sweet. (And learns programming/java from me)

If you want to be hard working, learn it from the Chinese. I could have born there, then I would have been at least working  if not hard-working. :P

Sometimes I feel that I should have born here in Europe. It is just the opportunities and facilities available here. Even a small fraction of it is not in India. Lucky that I was born into a decent well-to-do family.

Anecdote: A friend of mine, fell in love with two guys. She said - “G is German and K is Indian. They seem mostly equal financially/morally/functionally/etc./etc. K had to fight all those lack of opportunities and social stigma to be as good as G is, where as life was lot easier for the German. Hence I should choose the fighter”. And she did.

My dear (third world) readers, you and I have made it against all those odds. Could have been great(er). But still we deserve “Hats off!”. And most of us are full of energy too. I am not talking about just career.. but life as a whole. Even though we may not have had many hardships, we’ve seen enough.

47506262072504_FullThe post became longer than I wanted. 

I am not a make-resolutions-for-new-year person. But yesterday, for no reason, I folded all my clothes clean and kept them arranged. Won’t be a bad habit to follow. Will be a hard habit to make? Let’s see! :)

Signing off, Sands.

PS: “Grow-your-hair-long-league” gets new members, valuable ones. :)

PPS: Nice.. girl, her eyes and so is the SONG. Song of the week.


Jon said...

So she is your dream girl too!!! :)

Anonymous said...

:) .. Nammale Samathikanam.. alle? :P

@ PPS: The song is a good one.


Smita said...

Very well said, without symapthising with ourselves we shud seriously applaud for still making it where we are :)

BTW Thats one habit which I have difficulty in keeping up with :)

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


:) Not dream girl.. but yeah, very nice girl.


athe, nammale sammathikkanam ;)



and i'll see whether i keep the habit after next laundry session. :)

Sakeeb said...

Liked this post very much :-)

K had to fight all those lack of opportunities and social stigma to be as good as G is, where as life was lot easier for the German. Hence I should choose the fighter”. And she did.

Its like a happy ending bollywood movie.

++ :-)

Jon said...


I was not planning to comment a second time. But the incident I heard today made me to...

There was a school mate of mine.. Extremely brilliant to the extent that he never watched TV..

He got into NIT(one of the prestigious institution for engineering in India). After that he got in a famous company as a mechanical engineer. Today I heard that he had enough of it and has resigned to write some government exams.

My friend, we Indians waste our oppurtunities. We dont bother if its engineering that suits us or is it medicine or if its something else. So all the oppurtunities and growth gets limited to one or two exclusive areas...

Good poat man

Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


:) of course.. life is as strange as fiction if not stranger..

So bollywood film comparison is just right :)

I was not talking just about educational facilities and opportunities.. I was talking in general - for eg. transportation facilities or recreational things. We are a population trying to fill the stomach who cannot afford luxuries in life - which are basic things for the western world. that's all.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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