21 April 2006


Things a re really complicated at times... so many things to be done... and i
say i dont have time..
dont take it... The point is tat i am in no mood for anything.
for the past few days browsing is happening big time. actually nothing else.

wanted to write abt google. they are doing super.
without google life will be difficult.
1 - google search (now my default search engine is MSN. surprised?? actually u dont have to. i find msn interface as good as google. performance also is sometimes better. but yesterday it took some extra time. anyway msn is performing very well)

2 - gmail. recently i am using gmail only. the thread thing is really fantastic. it's a pity that it is still beta. wy dont they have their peoper releases?

3 - gtalk. terrific for talking. if you want to chat(write) go for yahoo. but just 2-3 lines of chat gtalk is enough. it's simply light weight.

4 - blogger - i donno how many of us know that blogger is google's. anyway i dont find something great here. this is just ordinary ..

5 - orkut - mere waste of time.. i know quite a few ppl who use this orkut extensively. how do they find time for this. yeah.. thaaat might be the thing they are interested in.

6 - picasa - again a very cool light weight things from google.

very good marketing strategy they have.. one of their product comes with many other and those by default created google toolbar, deskbar etc (why not they make a bierbar ;) ) and automatically change your default search engine, add icons on desktop and quick launch etc etc... this part i really hate. you really have to be very careful while installing these... one unnoticed corner of the window, there will be a invisible checkbox whcih will do all these things i just mentioned.. and you dont have anyway to revert them.

i had decided to keep this (blog) small. the moment it becomes long one... ppl are not going to read it.

so... am i writing for others to read? or writing for me?
good!! u caught me there...

i am wrting for me.. but i want others to read it... :) and leave good comments abt me (Tom Sawyer)
by the way i started with something else in my mind. and i reached in here...

let me start to read some algebra!!

- sands.

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joyofnothing said...

hmmm...too technical....phd rite ???