25 April 2006

kick off

so here i go. had a long chat with peter yesterday... so finally we decided about what to be done immediately... abt the project. i realised, if we do it the way we see it, i wouldnt have time to live... so i just cancelled out the plan of going for the language class in downtown. travelling 20km after your days wrk to another class doesnt look so appealing to me. and do i really need a class rooom to go and sleep?

the way karthik put it, i would be really happy to replace muenchen with mallu's in the expansion of TUM. If only dinil and ep could make it. ep wants to start his phd by the end of this year only. dinil has to start it asap. i think now itself it is a little bit late for him.

was reading abt milbloggers. i just had the same old thought... would this blogging can give as much warmth as usual diary writing... ?
yes... definitely there are advantages... but the warmth is lacking a little..
just like the difference in email and surface mail.

i shud get back to work. doing extra-curricular stuff during working hours is really a bad idea.. in fact emailing and replying itself is bad. but we cant live without them. let's have them. all other things are to be avoided...
so even i shud get back to my serious stuff.

by the way, the following is an excerpt from a mail i got from my friend... If only many of indian kids were like this!!

These kids... they are irrepressible, a neighbour was heard commenting on April 20. It was the last day of campaigning for the first phase of polling in Kerala. Quite naturally, workers of the three main groups — the LDF, the UDF and the BJP — visited all houses to distribute voter slips. All the three teams behaved identically — they left the neighbour's gate wide open, allowing free entry to stray dogs and cattle. Every time that happened, he had to send his 10-year-old to close the gate. The exasperated boy was heard commenting at one stage, "How can they transform the State if they cannot close a gate?"

I need to write abt how and in which all things we are lacking... after seeing the life in munich. let that be the theme in any of the coming blogs

- sands

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joyofnothing said...

ur diary : only u can read it or I can read it (when u come bac to india).
ur blog : any jobless person(currently me) can read it from any part of world :-)....
So u have started ur phd :-)...ATB