25 April 2006

M$ Vs EU

a small story first.

in India, when u buy Maruthi-Suzuki cars, u get a car sterio along with it and it used to be a Kenwood made sterio.( i donno this is true now, but it used to be) now, what if Sony/Philips/BPL or any other car-sterio makers goes and sues Maruthi for this?

man... it is Maruthi's decision what to give and what not to. As long as they dont force any customer to buy their car and as long as there is an option to replace the default sterio by any sterio of owner's choice, i dont think Maruthi is guilty.

forget that... in Novell Suse 10, there is no MPlayer coming by default. should they go and sue Novell? for including RealPlayer and not including MPlayer?
why should Hank Rearden give the details of Rearden-metal to his opponents?

this is exactly what is happening in M$-EU fight and i dont understand it.
Windows Media player shouldnt be bundled with XP - this is the requirement.
Come on, MS should decide that.. right?

Another arguement is MS is trying to run it's opponents out of business. Let me ask one question. Wouldnt it be a happy thing for Jet airways if Deccan went out of business. (Actually it wont be... because the market is too huge for Jet airways to cater the needs of the market). Actually isnt that all the companies are doing?

still all are against M$!! Yes, the reason is that it is a GIANT.
I know many ppl who are supporters of Google. Not actually they support google... the real reason is that they oppose M$.

tell me ... what is the difference between Google and Microsoft.. in their philosophies? i dont see any. both of them want to make money. both of them are non-open-source (when i was in M$, the project i worked on is an open source project. and the code is available for the public).
despite of all these things.. ppl hate M$.

The funny thing is ... once upon a time... even i was like that. just like that.
and now when i look back, i laugh at myself!!

- sands.


joyofnothing said...

One question: Is ur company ethical?
you say "yes"..i will catch the next lufthansa and kill u at munich.....
you say "no".. u still have some grey matter left...

Anonymous said...


Even google is receiving flak for its adword feature. I was not able to view this particular video (owing to net access issues at office) maybe you guys can verify