19 April 2006

Not so confident

Anyway, I too am starting to blog. Might be this post and a couple more would be focused on the audience...
later I know I wont be bothered abt what others might feel... There is this feeling... of inferiority... that I might not be able to perform as good as many others... in the current trend of "BLOGGING". I never wanted to be of a second class. That's the reason why I am not so confident..

Okay.. There are these two questions...

1) Why I start blogging now?
2) Why not I started it earlier?

let's do it in the LIFO (Last In First Out).. So answer for the second question first..

I always thought myself to be a very (un/non)-systematic kind of person.. or very regular in being irregular kind of fellow... very lazy to organise things.. etc.. So, I knew... Once I have a blog .. that will go really unattended...

In fact, I had a couple of blogs earlier... named - chaos, entropy ... etc. I knew... that the names were perfect for them. And as I knew, they were never properly maintained. So that is the reason for not having a blog till now, despite of having cool-fast internet all around me -Wherever I went!!

so the first question... WHY NOW? What happened suddenly?

Yeaaaah.... here is the catch... "I am starting my PhD". Till now in my life I had been studying... working in M$ (Dont bother the $ sign.. I dont mean to insult the company... I love the company).. All these times there was someone to ask me what is my status...

now everything has to be self driven... man!!... I cant believe this. That I am here in the beginning of my PhD. As he says in "The 4th guide in the Hitchhiker's guide trilogy", I need to be systematic...
or like steve (CEO, M$) said in his speech... that Good Day or Bad Day... WORK WORK WORK.., IMPROVE IMPROVE IMPROVE.... Whatever it is .. I need to be systematic..

and I know... this is one way of being systematic... (Wondering HOW?)..
one of the simplest ways of being systematic is to tell urself that u will be systematic...
the other way is to tell others that u are going to be systematic.... then ur ego (which I have in tons) will not let u to be non-systematic... So I chose this method... (Thanks to RICHARD HAMMING)
(lot many things I am just not writing .... I dont want to get u bored)

Again .... to have a feel of having a blog... that also is a reason.

So here goes the Original First Posting of THECOOLSUN - (credits for Dr. Roland Koch and Sands for the name)

- sands.


joyofnothing said...

hmm... Thou shalt be regular..

Anonymous said...

Been here.