28 April 2006


These days I am very much interested in reading blogs. The same way, i frequently search and go thru articles by some nice guys. Blog thing is fine.. that is a kind of mania - which i call "webLogo-mania" and will last for a couple more days.

It was a moment of pride to read a blog in which i am one of the discussed persons. that too by someone i respect very much. Those kinds of moments.. like ... u get a very good opinion about yourself .. from someone who has very high regards in your mind, is simply a great feeling.

okay coming back to the nice articles. rather than the articles, i am looking at the authors...

why some ppl are great? why not all of us are great?
why some of them have fans? personally i dont like the idea of being a fan or something like that... but any comp-sci student is ought to turn out to be a fan of the BIG DON of comp-sci... when DON'S homepage is visited.

i look at prof. mayr!! you can feel .. he is simply great. i was at his room and i think i heard it right... he was talking about Motwani.. to his secretary. Rajiv Motwani???!!
Kulo... i have never mentioned this name anywhere... still i know this fellow is cool...
M$ life was simply cool... i cud feel.. the crowd was different... neo, tushy, rohit.. all of them are going places... if only they are ready to take risks. two of them are in the verge of getting married. and in most cases... after marriage you tend to travel in a straight line - NO RISKS PLEASE!!.

so... again back to great ppl. what makes the difference? I know what it is. but i shouldnt write it.

just one favorite dialogue from him "destined to do great things". this has made me think a lot.

i shud kill this topic here....
root@brain-eater$kill -9 `ps ax | grep blabbering | cut -f 1 -d ' '`


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Anonymous said...

shuld i comment ???
I understood whatever u wrote :D...

- karthik