28 April 2006

Future world (Paperless?)

Back in India, I used to get atleast one call in a week asking whether I need a credit card. I was in a position tat i just have to think for it in my mind, i get the card in my address.

Now, for a card, i had to go to the bank 3 times already. The pin is yet to come. The mistake is mine....

first i didnt have my name in the pigeon-hole of my friends post-box. my mistake that i didnt give C/O so-and-so. Then the bank pin generation algorithm didnt generate the pin for my card. so gave order to get a new pin. And for getting a credit card, i donno why... she asked me for my scholarship allowance certificate.

after all she was a nice lady(girl). it's sometimes funny... with their "little bit english" and my "ein bisschen... deutsch". she was struggling at times to find out the proper english word. ofcourse, yes.. i was enjoying the chat with her.. :)

so, i shall come to the point..

think about the world with all digital signatures and stuff!! you just need a couple of Trusted Third Parties for the signature verification... and very secure channels for this verification.

you dont need to go to a bank to open an accout. all the documents you need will be digital. all the formalities could be done online. the whole bank could be run by a couple of employees. gradually... all the banks will merge to a universal bank so that you can take money from wherever you want. (actually no need to take money... it's all digital ;) )

but i have a doubt here.. if it goes like that.... what will be the fun of life? and what will all these billions of ppl over world will do? will they have employment? and how long it will take for these dangerous situations to happen?

anyway.. whatever i am learning/doing research on.. has got zillions of application in this planet. may be on other planets too :)

may be the life might become very easy. but how can one have the kind of enjoyment i had today morning... - while chatting with the beautiful + helping girl at bank who had very tight blouse?

- sands


Anonymous said...

lecher :D.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you realize that pink is a girlish color. You could be misunderstood :)

Sandeep is so gay :)


Anonymous said...

i ll kill u da vimal :(

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