9 May 2006

My comment for his blog

Was reading his (vimal's) blog... gave a long comment.
while writing itself i thought that it could be an entry in my blog...
then decided not to...
now he also suggested that... so it goes below (verbatim)

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


kaashu venengi para... njan thalkkalam sahayikkam.. i have about 3k euros in my acc :)

pinne, credit card!! eda... enthengilum cheyyunnathinu mumpu swayam chodikkuka -

1) Anavashyamano?
2) Aaavashyamano?
3) Athyavashayamano?

use the card only if it is the third category. Always try to use liquid cash.. then you will experience your pocket becoming lighter.. and lighter. E-Cash gets spend easily because you experience the loss only after some days. Liquid cash is really fast... u experience it going from ur pocket.

so much for it.

about books... dont worry... i had the same habit while in M$. now i have just 4 books of which i havent read any... (those ones i listed in the blog)
but you definitely need to put a control after 8 weeks of continuos purchasing.. which i am sure you will... :)

now for the movies...
if you want the original CD/DVD collection... i am sorry...
you just want the movies... i have a couple of them ... GODFATHER- i have the collection - real one... bought for Rs. 750 @hyderabad.

next... about the entry on ppl who influenced you...
add me.. (whether i influenced you or not) ;)

- sands.

4:14 PM

CrimeMaster GOGO said...

Ninakku oru blog entry ezhuthamayirunille response aayittu :)

i am not giving the address of his blog... just to keep its divinity... (atleast i find it to be so) Forgive me..

- sands

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joyofnothing said...

Look who is talking :)....
How much did u save in HYD.????