10 May 2006

Thoughts and Plans... and a question at the end.

Am I a little bit slow? I have been given this book (Ideals, Varieties and Algorithms) almost 2-3 weeks back. Still I am at chapter 3 of it. It doesnt mean that I have done both the first and second chapters very well. Yes, I understood the concept of GBs. Still elimination theory is too tough. Okay this is the problem which upsets me right now. My basics in algebra is not so good.. I should improve it. I know, I havent touched the exercises given. Have to try and to them. Will take months to finish this single book. Anyway I am here to read and read and think and think and understand and finally create something new. Something great that it can change the lives of millions out there.

In the immediate future planning to do the following..
  1. Refresh my memory in all the comp-sci (important stuff => theoretical only)
  2. Read all the books of UTM. Atleast some 20 of them [UTM = Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics - A book series by Springer]
  3. Read a couple of books from GTM [GTM = Graduate Texts in Mathematics]
  4. Read 20-25 papers related to both GB applications and HECC
  5. Spend 3 days on GB/Algebra and 2 days on HECC in a 5 day week
  6. Read daily - some book from UTM/GTM.
  7. Publish a paper + attend a conference.
  8. Visit some 10+ places around Munich (3-4 hours distance)
  9. Visit 4-5 important places in Europe (Prague, Places in Italy and Swiss)
  10. Concentrate more on photography and painting (do i paint? )
  11. Read during weekends - novel/philo books (5-10) enlisted in blogs
  12. Try to recollect all those things to be appended to this list.
All these are for this year 2006. This really needs slogging... proper slogging...
I dont dare to write about the list of movies which I want to watch and I know I will watch "ATLEAST" two movies per week.

Do I have time for all these?
I have to make time for them... all of them...

Having free time is state of mind
- Prof M S Anand(IITM Diroctor)

today I cant read it anymore... it's not going to my head... let me read some other stuff.... which might be interesting.

By the way, something interesting for the readers.

You have 3 doors in front of you of which one hides a car (which you are dreaming for a long time), the other two hide a goat each.

one door - car
another - goat
the last - goat

okay.. now you can knock at any door and whatever is behind it is for you. :) now you go and knock at one door. Then, I open one of the other two doors and show you a goat. Now I ask if you would like to switch your choice to the unopened door which you didnt choose. (You goal is getting the car)

Will you switch? why?
Will you not switch? Why?

for the right answer, see the first comment. I just give the answer now.... reason I shall give later.

- sands


Sandeep Sadanandan said...

You should switch the door. It will increase the probability of getting the car.

If you decided not to switch, be happy... you are like most of the ppl.

If you decided to switch the door, be happier... you are better thab most of the ppl.

- sands

joyofnothing said...

Is this an immediate future plan ? It looks like plan for my life ? nyways...atb