2 May 2006

Enthu paranjaalum nee entethallae vavae..

Enthu paranjalum nee entethallae vavae...
ninnu pinangathe onnu koode poru poovae...

it goes deep into your heart... and gives a soothing effect. I cant still say whether it is bcoz of ilayaraja or the lyrics. both are terrific - cant say which is dominant, one supports the other. and when the movie and the scenes come to your mind.. no wonder if you get tears... WONDERFUL. there is something not so nice too - why did sathyan get son instead of father for the song? I always go for kjy version, but this song i go for chithra (chinnakkili - after karthik told me abt chinnakkili, her name comes like that)

was looking for english books today. it's a long time since vimal gave a small list of books to read. so it was today i had planned for that. searched for english libraries and book-stalls. Hugendubel in Salvatorplatz is really expensive. I started with the details i got from www. the library was not so good. the second hand book shop was amazing. couldnt believe it. The person over there was so nice. Purchased four of them.

  1. Catch 22

  2. Sidhartha

  3. Kill a mocking bird

  4. The stranger (French -> English)

The weather is bad for the past two days. Today it is really bad. But somehow i like it. I used to tell my mom.... to be a prisoner of loneliness... solitude.. i sometimes love it. Back at nellayi.. i used to sit in the balcony, in an easy-chair... with a cup of tea and some books scattered around me... it will be raining.... i'll be shivering in the cold breeze.... being lazy to go and get a shirt to cover me.. Come on... I cant be home sick... but somehow this came to my mind. and i decided to have the same thing here for the coming 3 days... but.. there is no balcony... and in here in the breeze, i will freeze. there is no easy chair(could be adjusted with bed near the window). [update: tea can be replaced with wine ;) ]

change in stream of thoughts!! why nothing is happening these days? I am supposed to read theory. i am doing it.. still not to the level i and others expect from me. there is no time i really waste. sleeps for average 6-7 hrs only. but the productivity seems to be less. have to get back to the old tempo... and i myself know it will take a few days for it.

-- after the commercial (?) break!! --

Rene had come. He came back after his trip to Spain and Portugese 2 days back only. Has brought me a bottle of my favorite - port wine :) that too one litre. It's always nice talking to him. I shouldnt praise anyone more than this much in a public place.

things are working out - going to read so many books this year - both literature and technical. have to slog SLOG and SLOG. there will be quite a few trips, and just like we(Rene and I) decided, a couple of days dedicated for becoming wine experts. - to be able to say the brand and details just by taking a sip!!

too late.. should sleep.. good night.

[paadi... thodiyilaetho ponnanjilimel... - KJY - thakarkkunnu]


joyofnothing said...

china kuyil and not chinna kili :D..

Sandeep Sadanandan said...

you know very well right - that i always mess up kili and kuyil.

remember the "An Paavam" song in which i sing "kiliye" instead of "kuyile".

- sands.

joyofnothing said...

lol.... I remember that.... dont call ur girl friend as "kuyil"..its dark in color :)...
i ll try writing serious stuff though me in a nostalgic mood