2 September 2009

Five, Five, Five and Five.

It’s now five years since I came to Germany. When I turn back and look, there are so many great things happened in life. I should rather take a backwards journey – days/weeks/months and years..

AbstractCurvesThe past 5 days! Unbelievable! I went through a hard break up. A sweet, amazing, wonderful she and I were together. And it culminated in a hard break up. :(

Of course it hurts. But if I am to borrow words from someone, “I am getting on with my life”. :)

I cherish all those wonderful great moments, I think and smile(?) at the shattered dreams. At least, I know that I tried - to get it working fine. That’s what I wrote it all backfired (in my last post). Or may be my attempts weren’t good enough. As Gita says - “Just do your duty. The right thing will follow”.

The past 5 weeks were perhaps worse. Living with a volcano inside you is kind of uncomfortable! ;) But now since the eruption is over, things can settle… all I need is a little bit of time to cool off. (Remember: non-existent spoon)

But the past 5 months were great. Amazing… travelled a lot in Germany. Did nice great things. Day-dreamed a lot, and lived some of them too. :)

That brings me to the 5 years. If I am to sum up all I’ve gained, then it is : Friends and Experiences.

Quite some great friends – all from here - Indian, German and Polish friends. Funnily though, my apartment-mate, from Iran is getting close enough with me. We are at different poles with some touchy subjects, but despite of the differences, we communicate/converse a lot openly.

He is one of those special fellows who can easily kick my ass and give me a gem of experienced-advice. Someone like the good old Guru/Sanjay@IIT. I like such people, they teach you a lot in two words. :)

Gained loads of experiences. To start with – had relationships, travelled to many places, met great people, teaching/conferences/mentoring/etc; Grew up into a better person - I should say. I would surely say ‘better’ – because I have been learning things. :) [and I know what an a**hole I was long time ago ;)].

I know, still a long way to go. But happy to have started and been through it for five years successfully.

Last but not the least – made money! (But I don’t have any savings yet! High time to start).

Signing off, Sands.

PS: This post is dedicated to all those wonderful people who make life lively. :)


Arun said...

A roller coaster is delightful for some, bring some close to their limits, is an addiction for some and some are just relieved when it's over. But it's always worth the ride. Hope you have as much fun on your next ;)

Anonymous said...

Let it settle soon. Don't know what more to say..


Sands | കരിങ്കല്ല് said...


Hmmmm... no comments. :)


Thanks man! It will pass.