11 January 2007

CCC alias Crazy Color Combination

That's it. I am trying new colors daily. Every template seems to be great in some monitor and the same time it sucks in another monitor. How am I going to get the optimal color combination which gives maximum readability? - that too globally!



Joy-of-nothing said...

never satisfied (in life) ????

vibha said...

Yeah thats true ! Last time i cam here,i had to Ctrl+A to read the blog..
Now i can read it,but the colour reminds me of chanakam

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


yeah.... isnt that good? or bad?


nice to see you coming again and again :)
it was nicer to know that you took pains to read my blog
chanakam has a little different color (chaanakappacha - you know the color illae?)