18 January 2007

A storm is on its way

As I had written in the last post, I have to do my German exam by myself and should submit it in the next class. I was just going through the syllabus and my phone rang. It was in silent mode, it didn't ring really :)

It was Daniela, my teacher. Today's class is cancelled because of a storm this evening. Yes, from morning itself there is very strong wind. It might get stronger in the evening. You know what? this could be the signal of a strong snowing which is going to come. I wish it'll snow a lot.

I went to the weather sites to see the following.
Wind: 26 mph / 43 km/h / 11.8 m/s from the WSW
Wind Gust: 47 mph / 76 km/h / 21.1 m/s
And Wind Gust is defined as this : "The wind gust is the maximum wind speed recorded over a specified time period. When wind speeds are measured and the peak wind speed during the measuring period is roughly 10 knots more than the average wind speed, a wind gust is reported." (never mind, you really needn't understand it really)

So the wind is going to be really strong tonight - 76 kmph - cool!

That's all for the weather reporting.

I wanted to buy some tea. I can't go out :(. I don't have anything to cook tonight. I will eat rice + curd + pavakka vattal :)

Back to work. Signing off, sands.

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