8 January 2007

Tribute to her

It's the unconventional way of thinking and living which makes her different.

# Despite of being a girl from an orthodox brahmin family, 26 years back she was brave enough to go for an inter-caste marriage.

# Just with the qualification of SSLC (10th), she managed to have about 5 job offers simultaneously!! - that too 26+ years back.

# She grew to the position of a grade 1 officer in one of the best private sector banks in India.

I prefer to write in paragraphs than in bullets - switching the style.

Unlike many of her-aged people she gives value to values. She has some of the 'ayn rand' qualities built-in (she would never have heard about rand). She has the best book-keeping I have ever seen. She decided to leave her job the moment she felt she has enough money - she knows "money works for us" rather than the other way around. After leaving her job, within 7 months she became the leader of the whole women-community in the village. She organizes things which never happened in the past 20+ years in the village. Man, I am getting impressed more and more every day.

Except for the malluistic character of "reacting against every evil which she sees", I cant see even a single fault in her actions. Her kind of women, that's whom we should have in our society. Our growth depends heavily on women and we need these kind of women - to show us how to live.

Lately I am surprised to see the way she reads minds and predicts things. She observes the traits of people and just predicts what they will do and it happens. Lack of opportunity at those times, that was the only thing prevented her from being a top-level executive of the present. I always tell her "you don't belong to this place, you should have been abroad where there are no restrictions".

Last but not the least, the best thing she has done is she gave birth to a great-guy of tomorrow [that's me ;) ]

May be the post was too unorganized. Writing just the facts without having even a little of emotions isn't easy - especially while writing about mother. I am proud to be her son.
Don't know what more to write. This entry is in honor of her.
Signing off, Sands.


Joy-of-nothing said...

Three cheers to amma :D

btw u spoilt the suspense by putting easy thing as a first point. You shuld have started with some other point to confuse the readers..

and dont think this post can get u the gal by intensifying amma's efforts... :D...he he

lakshmi said...

nice post..came here after a while, and happy there was some good reading..

Sandeep Sadanandan said...


my intention wasnt a detective story anyway.

regarding intensifying her efforts - thanks da... i didnt think that way. but this should help anyway :)

Thanks chakkarae. Read your post :)


Joy-of-nothing said...

on the hindsight, i would have guessed any condition :)

and I "believed" that u didnt think that way :))

and if u read her blog, u shuld put the entry in her blog given her infrequent visits to this blog

Vimal said...

good post.

bad template and even worse choice of colors in the post.

you know who has the best template. pramode sir. the blog is so readable.

Joy-of-nothing said...

back ground color is good..but using blue,read,pink,white is not good
yup pramode sir's is good
but somehow i guess we r attaching to o much importance to colors..

Anonymous said...

I feel jealousy to that mother to
have a son who proudly discloses that he is "proud" to be her son.

Regards to that Great Mother.

vibha said...

Nice post !!

Cheers to u and Amma !!