10 January 2007

CIAL Corner

It was decided earlier that I will be putting my next post from Dubai. The flight from Cochin to Dubai got delayed and blogging got preponed. So, I am sitting in a corner of Cochin International Airport Ltd (CIAL) and scribbling down. Anyway the post has to appear from Dubai because that will be the first place where I will find internet.

Sometimes, for weeks I don’t feel like blogging, nor I don’t see/think anything which I feel I should put in blog. The same way, there are times when I have lot of stuff in me to put online. Unfortunately, I don’t find enough time to do it. Has to get over this problem. Be a regular blogger – find topics regularly and always make time for the topics.

I read somewhere that “Failing to PLAN is planning to FAIL”. So, without fail, let me first put down my plan for the year. I can’t call it a plan, it’s just a list of things I should do. The plan is very simple and I have it in mind. At the end of year, I should cross-check this list with the things I really would have done by then.

1. Put a paper, Attend a conference. (Is this completely in my hand? May be not. But I should see it done). This is just a bye-product of doing first class research.

2. Get an internship in a good research lab for 3-6 six months.

3. Read at least 30 books which are not related to my research. This could be literature, philosophy, physics, math, anything! But not directly related to my research area. (30 is a big number. But a book a week seems so normal. That too if I consider a book is 300-400 pages on an average, 50-60 pages a day too is normal. Cant I take out one or two hours a day for building me up?)

4. Get back my original tummy. (this is not actually a thing for this year. This has to happen in 3 months from now) – swimming, biking, hiking, skiing, dancing(?).

5. Make my average wake-up time to be 6 - 6:30 AM.

6. Visit at least 6 places in Europe. (London, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Swiss-Cities, Paris and Vienna again etc.) This will be like one trip in every two months which is fine. Also 6-10 places near Munich. Monthly one trip.

7. Try to give my best to my wards (?). Yeah, the IIT-Sandwiches in Munich. I can learn a lot from them.

8. Give a course each in every semester – teach well, learn more, gain experience and confidence.

9. Have more involvement in International Office. Tutoring, Organizing etc.

10. Learn German better. Make the best use of KlarText. Start talking to walmart-girls, strangers and anybody I meet – Only in German.

11. Overload me with all the work I can get. Work 14 hours a day. 10 hours for my research and 4 hours for these things I have numbered out.

The list is just a very high level view of my plan. Better I call it the spec. More details would be like a boring design-doc which is boring to write and to read. But I do have it in mind.

Failure to implement your plan in implementing your failure” – not as crisp as the first one (my creativity)

Showing your love for a grown up male is a very difficult task. Males deal with each other in a different way. I think, it’s the problem with the culture that here males don’t hug each other. They don’t kiss either. I show my love to my sister by doing stuff which makes her happy. The same with my mother. Unfortunately, this time I couldn’t do something similar for my father. It really burns me. I hope that he can feel the depth of my love which I really don’t know how to show!. Anyway I hugged him just before entering the terminal, and it really made me feel better. 

Last post in my blog was about my mom. It wasn’t planned that I write about my father in this one. But it came that way.

That’s all for now. I feel a little feverish. Should get into the flight and sleep. It’s a long journey. Dude Sandeep, get ready to be bored to the core, you don’t have even your MP3 player with you.

Signing off, Sands.

PS: Isn’t there a word ‘preponed’ in English? My MS-Word shows it spelt wrong.
Addition: Reached Dubai. Have to rush if I dont want to miss the flight :)

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to fulfill your resolutions/plans,
don't strain too much.