14 January 2007

Raja - Small or Big?

It never felt that I was away from here for a month. Except for being a little tired after the journey, I got back to normal very soon.

Cleaning the room was quite a task. It was a mess. The scattered papers of the packing before I left and one month's dust together!. Thanks to the one who found out vacuum cleaner. Now what remains is washing. I can manage for another one week more without washing.

He definitely has a magic. I always knew about the magic but never felt it as I felt yesterday. I am talking about Ilayaraja.

It was the future-dont-know-who (he wants to be everything) friend of mine who introduced me to Ilayaraja. It wasn't introducing me... he took me close to Raja or brought Raja near me. The 6 CDs he gave me before my first trip abroad had saved me from a lot of boring times. I still ave the collection exactly the way he gave me... (of course in a DVD)

During the time at home, I didn't hear any of the Tamil songs. Yesterday, after seeing the list of songs on my g-friend's (Nowadays G stands for Google. So it's not girl-friend, read it Google-friend) gtalk status, I desperately wanted to listen to Ilayaraja. I really felt like something incomplete without listening to him.

I had to be at the sandwich guy and I literally forced him to play Ilayaraja. Unfortunately, he didn't have the collection! I heard the songs after downloading them from my lab-system. :)

I am not a fan of anybody other than Yesudas. I cannot name out more than a couple of songs by this music director. I wouldn't even know much of the lyrics too. But still I could feel the Ilayaraja magic. The songs are too cool... soothing, refreshing and what not!

Why call him Ilayaraja? Call him Periyaraja!

Pani vizhum iravu...
Nanainthathu nilavu...
Ilankuyil irandu..

Signing off, Sands.


karthik said...

i dont have most of the songs now :)....

yeah, its a magic... wait for njaan kadavul when the gods meet together....

Anonymous said...

can u tell me some of his
songs, which u feel, having
that 'magin touch', just to see
that whether I could feel


Anonymous said...

Try first two songs listed in this movie.

Try the following links too. (Tamil)


karthik said...

"Give me half an hour and I can finish a film." -- raja

try searching for
1-- nothing but wind
2-- how to name it

his albums... U will know the difference between the king and pretenders :)